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  • The Day the Monkee Died

    Columns  > Boomers

    As I write this column, news of Davy Jones death is about 24 hours old. Boomers get a dose of reality each time a music legend passes away. The day the music dies is a creepy reminder of our own mortality. We all want to liv ...

  • Open Wide

    Columns  > Boomers

    I am the proud mother of a dental hygienist. Getting my teeth cleaned is an entirely new experience now. My pride starts to swell the minute I step into the dentist's office. I love seeing my daughter in her colorful scrubs ...

  • A Nana By Any Other Name Would Be As Sweet

    I was soaking up some rays at our neighborhood pool last weekend. A lady was in the water with a young girl who appeared to be about six. The little girl called her Ro Ro. My South Carolina roommate is named Rosemary, and on ...