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  • The view through a lens: A safari at the Fair

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    The State Fair in Rutland gave KAG photographer Patsy Zedar a rare opportunity to try something new. She has successfully photographed waterfalls and fireworks for a number of years and assumed this would be a similar, but i ...

  • Green Mountain Writers at their annual conference share works

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    photos by Ann B. Day The valley along Tinmouth Road off Route 140 above Wallingford is one of the most beautiful places in Vermont. This summer, the sky was blue, layered with white clouds, and the mountains rose one beyond ...

  • A glimpse of Brookgreen Gardens

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    On Monday August 20 from 7-8:30 p.m. Betty A. Little, poet, memoir writer and journalist, is giving a program for the Killington Arts Guild, "South Carolina Perspective: Pawleys Island, Brookgreen Gardens and Gullah Art," at ...

  • Lucy Lovebug’s Hugs

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    Sometimes the smallest things have the greatest meaning. Jan Greenwood's children books "Lucy Lovebug's Hugs" may be one of those. Greenwood is a new member of the Killington Arts Guild and an author. Last month she gave a b ...

  • Landscaping as art

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    When I first met Susan Maples, she was making ski clothing in the winter. Every time I went for a fitting, we would wind up talking about plants and gardens. I persuaded her to give a slide program on landscaping for the Kil ...

  • Magical crows in flight

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    The new Killington Arts Guild Show, "Spring into Summer" at Cabin Fever Gifts is full of beautiful flowers-iris, sunflowers, petunias, and lilacs. One can almost smell them they are so lovely. But what caught my eye were two ...

  • Getting to know us

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    Killington Arts Guild is a creative community for the arts. Our Gallery, website, programs and workshops are open to everyone. The best way to get to know us is to visit our Gallery at Cabin Fever Gifts where a new show, "Sp ...

  • Catching the moment

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    The opportunity to go on safari in South Africa will never come to some of us but there are places to go for the same experience. The challenge to the artist is to catch the moment whether it's two impalas playfully battling ...

  • Unlocking the Keys

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    Courtesy of Patsy Zedar Flagler Centennial Mural painted by the Art Guild of the Purple Isles and the Island Christian School Art Club 2012 marks the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Overseas Railroad to Key West, a ...

  • Visions of Mongolia with Annette Compton

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    Many of us first met Annette Compton about ten years ago as an impersonator of Edna St. Vincent Millay in a Vermont Humanities Program sponsored by the Killington Arts Guild and the Friends of the Sherburne Library. Here we ...

  • Edie Johnstone, the paper cutter

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    The art of scherenschnitte (German for scissor cuttings) is more unique than most art techniques, perhaps, but it is no less impressive. Edith Johnstone, known by most as "Edie," has been practicing this art for the past 27 ...

  • Is Gardening Changing?

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    Gardening was one of the original 'arts' included in the Killington Arts Guild. I remember visiting Louise Hansson's house to see how to grow gardens in a limited space and to George Lyons place where he had a nursery of pla ...

  • What the Teen Ensemble taught us

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    People asked me after the SafeArt performance at the Killington Arts Guild Annual meeting, "What was it like meeting the Teen Ensemble face to face?" These were young people who had been abused, criticized for being differen ...

  • A new season; a new start

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    In the 2012 Annual Meeting Report Sally Curtis, KAG president, quotes Robert Hass, U.S. Poet Laureate (late 1990s) "There's a whole range of behaviors that were highly functional in the hierarchical organization th ...

  • Artists connect with the worldwide web

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    In today's world if you or your business are not on the web then you don't exist. But learning about the web or a computer procedure is hard work. I am trying to use Evernote to write on my computers. With it I could write ...

  • Invitation to poetry

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    "…wait on the wind, catch a scent of salt, call it our life." Excerpt from Our Valley by Philip Levine, U.S. Poet Laureate, National Poetry Month poster, April 2012. In Dana Gioia's famous essay, "Does Poetry Matter?"&nbsp ...

  • Meet Susan Wacker-Donle

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    Many people in the Killington Arts Guild are discovering Susan Wacker-Donle, a woman of many talents. She says about art, "I am constantly stopped by the beauty around me. The way the morning sun lights up the sky, the color ...

  • SafeArt comes to the Upstairs Gallery

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    Sunday March 25 at 2 p.m. Killington Arts Guild will present the SafeArt Teen Ensemble in a program of song, dance, poetry and storytelling as part of the annual meeting. The meeting will be in the Upstairs Gallery at Cabin ...

  • Rotary paint saints prepare gallery for show

    Local News

    The Rotary Painting Event at the Killington Arts Guild Gallery was scheduled for one day, Sunday Feb. 12. We didn't think it could be done in such a short time but here is what happened as reported by Sally Curtis: Five Ro ...

  • Art in my life begins with a sunrise

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    Photo by Patsy Zedar From "Postcard #4: First Light on the Atlantic" It was October and the night was dark on the mountains. Our lights were on. We followed the other cars and, eventually, drove the last mile up the narrow ...

  • Art fits Killington

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    For the first time since the Killington Arts Guild moved into The Upstairs Gallery at Cabin Fever Gifts, The Gallery will be totally closed. From Feb. 9-18, The Gallery will undergo major renovations/painting. It is also the ...

  • A master watercolorist teaches color and energy

    Local News

    Peter Huntoon has been a watercolor painter since 1994 and is known for his colorful pictures of Rutland. He creates representational works of art inspired by the New England landscape and its people and regularly exhibits t ...

  • Making live music sustains the ages

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    Sounds of violins, flutes and trumpets tuning up, people settle in their chairs, lights go down, the conductor raises his hands, silence-then the music begins. This is the Vermont Symphony Orchestra's Holiday program, "Fun a ...

  • What is Art?

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    For over a decade, Killington Arts Guild has defined ART in the broadest sense. Painters, sculptures, crafters, photographers, gardeners, writers, dancers, dramatists and more are all artists. This is expressed in art shows ...

  • Civil War historian, Howard Coffin, retells how the Green Mountain Boys won the war

    Local News

    RUTLAND-The meeting room in the Gotnick Center in Rutland is packed, Howard Coffin, nationally known Civil War historian and a true Vermonter is here to tell us how the Green Mountain Boys won the war. His voice booms out ac ...

  • Achievements: Jumping higher

    Local News

    When I was little we had a game called "Jumping over the Bar."  It wasn't a real competition. You tried to jump over the bar, and then tried again, until you could jump higher. While we don't literally play this game af ...

  • Cathy Quaglia: Words that fall like snow flakes

    Local News

    Cathy inherited a love of poetry from her mother Margaret. She came to love the classics. When she was a legal assistant in New York City she was invited to a ski club house in Pittsfield. She tried skiing, loved it, gave up ...

  • Happy Holiday after all

    Local News

    Recently, the Vermont Festival of trees filled the ballroom of the Killington Grand Hotel - green trees, twinkling lights and glittering decorations. Children eagerly dragged parents from tree to tree. "Look at the train at ...

  • Go for the Light

    Local News

    Those who attended the Thanksgiving Reception at the Killington Arts Guild found how bright and uplifting the gallery is with its walls filled with the finest efforts of local artists. Many came for the first time. The PEG T ...

  • Gallery in-the-Field features "The Memory Chamber"

    Local News

    This time of year art is all around us in spectacular foliage, blue skies and rolling clouds, at the Farmer's Market, at Art in the Park, in the Halloween figures, and in the transformed bails of hay in Killington. Art galle ...

  • Gathering of Poets

    Killington Arts Guild presents, at Sherburne Memorial Library on River Road, Killington. 7-8 p.m. Info, or call 802-422-3852.

  • KAG Iron Pour

    Glen Campbell of West Rutland will be giving an outdoor demonstration of pouring iron and casting bronze, making trilobites and patinas outside the Killington Arts Guild Gallery, at Cabin Fever on Rt. 4 East. 3-7 p.m. Info, ...

  • Oil & Acrylic Painting Workshop

    Killington Arts Guild workshop with Don Hofer. 2 days, 9th & 10th, til 4pm each eay. At KAG Gallery above Cabin Fever Gifts. Make painting an adventure! $130 members, $140 non. 422-3852 or to regi ...

  • Marbleizing Paper & Book Binding

    Killington Arts Guild program with Sally Curtis. Sally demonstrates, you try technique. Sherburne Memorial Library, Killington. Til 9pm. Free, open to public. 422-3852.

  • KAG Opening Reception

    Killington Arts Guild New Show Opening Reception, 3-6pm, KAG Gallery, Upstairs at Cabin Fever Gifts, Rte. 4 across from Killington Access Rd. Open 9am-6pm daily. Show thru Sep. 1. 802-422-3852.

  • Killington Arts Guild Show

    Killington Arts Guild New Show, 3-6pm, KAG Gallery, Upstairs at Cabin Fever Gifts, Rte. 4 across from Killington Access Rd. We celebrate Killington's 250th Anniversary. Open 9am-6pm daily. Show thru Sep. 1. 802-422-3852.