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  • Leone’s Legends: The five greatest frontmen

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    In the world of rock and roll there is no cooler job then being the front man or woman of a rock band. They are usually the lead singer, and sometimes they play an instrument, but they are always the person we focus on for t ...

  • Leone’s Legends: Driving a bit too fast

    Columns  > Opinion

    Wow what a great winter so far, snow, snow and more snow. Yes! Just be careful when you are driving as I've noticed many folks driving a bit too fast in wintry conditions. Which of course brings me to the subject of this in ...

  • Leone’s Legends: So what does a record producer really do?

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    Hello fellow Mountaineers, this installment in my "Legends" column will attempt to explain and elaborate a bit on what a record producer is and what he actually does. I know we have all seen their names displayed prominently ...

  • Leone’s Legends: Rock ‘n’ Roll’s best on piano

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    And you thought all influential rock and rollers were guitar players. Coming from a guitar player this column might be a bit traumatic for me, but as Gloria Gaynor said "I will survive." So let's talk about some of the grea ...

  • The day that folk music died

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    Photos submitted Let us cut to the chase my friends, July 25, 1965 was the day that Minnesota native and New York coffeehouse transplant Robert Zimmerman took the stage at the Newport Folk Festival, plugged in his sunburst ...

  • Leone's Legends: The three best R&B singers you've probably never heard of

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    Boy do I like to talk about classic rhythm and blues singers, it's passion of mine, and hopefully after you peruse my meanderings it will become a passion of yours. Now we all have heard of the greats like Otis Redding and S ...

  • Leone’s legends: Standup comedy, an ancient art form?

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    If you've ever seen one of those old movies about ancient Rome you'll always find the obligatory scene where the Emperor is sitting around getting fed grapes by some young maidens while being entertained by the "court jest ...