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  • Local bus schedule

    Cool Things Happening

    Pittsfield/Killington to Woodstock Middle School and High School The bus schedule for Pittsfield/Killington students traveling to Woodstock Middle School and High School this year has been updated. In an effort to make the ...

  • Pittsfield Town Shut Down potluck picnic commemorates anniversary

    Important Community Bulletins

    Sunday, August, 26 at 12:30 p.m. the Town of Pittsfield will host a new event called the "Pittsfield's Town Shut Down" this year commemorating the anniversary of Tropical Storm Irene. The event will be held on Sunday, August ...

  • Peak Ultra Marathons: pushing past limitations

    Cool Things Happening

    "I refuse to be average: I am willing to risk going too far in order to find out how far I can go," blogs Mathieu Dore, a Canadian who finished 3rd in the Peak Ultra 100 mile race last year with a time of 24 hours 54 minutes ...

  • Local organic veggies

    Local News

    Baskets of veggies lined up for sale at Amee Farm. Farmers markets and stands are starting to open across the region and locals are eager to bite into fresh locally grown veggies once again. In addition to markets and farm ...

  • To repaint or not: An $8,000 choice for Pittsfield residents

    Important Community Bulletins

    "The exterior color choice for the School House Renovation project has definitely hit an emotional chord," says Town Clerk Patty Haskins in a town letter explaining how the situation evolved. Back in December the Selectboard ...

  • Pittsfield ponders school problems

    Local News

    PITTSFIELD-How does a town with no school have such a high property tax rate? That's what Pittsfield residents have been asking themselves since they learned that the homestead tax rate was rising from $1.56 to $1.97, which ...

  • Pittsfield Hurricane Relief distributes more funds

    Local News distributed another round of checks today in the amount of $1,000 to each of the families in Pittsfield that lost their homes and much of their possessions. Each of these families has now receiv ...

  • Local News Briefs

    Local News

    SPECIAL ED STUDENTS DRIVE UP BUDGET By Lani Duke BENSON-Benson's school board predicts that town meeting attendees will be unhappy with the school budget, but the board's hands are tied. Mandatory special education costs ...

  • Bikram Yoga

    Want to experience "hot" yoga? Check out Bikram Yoga in Pittsfield, on Route 100. Call for current schedule - 1-866-677-4268.

  • Open Mic Night at the Clear

    The Clear River Tavern in Pittsfield offers open mic with the Clear River Band every Thursday. You can join their band or bring your own band to rock The Tavern. 746-8999. 

  • Pittsfield’s continued restoration


    PITTSFIELD - When Tropical Storm Irene washed out Routes 100, 107 and Route 73 over Brandon Gap, Pittsfield was one of the most isolated communities in the state. A month and a half later, the roads are passable, tourists ar ...

  • It’s Getting Better All The Time

    Local News

    The Most fun a baby soul can have comes from watching. The most fun a young soul can have comes from doing. And the most fun an old soul can have doesn't come from anything. Not that old souls aren't the first to the playgro ...

  • Pittsfield Library Fundraiser

    Roger Clark Memorial Library's annual fundraiser at the Clear River Tavern. BBQ, live music, "Pig Kissin'" and a "Piggy Bank Raffle." Proceeds are an important part of funding the library's extensive programming and book col ...

  • Bikram Yoga

    Pittsfield - Bikram Yoga @ Pilates, Yoga & Adventure Center. Mon. & Wed. 5:30 & 7:15pm. Tues. & Thurs. noon, 5:30pm. Fri. noon. Sat. 9am. Sun. 9am & 4pm. All ages & abilities. 866-677-4268.