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  • Reflections

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    One year later, much has changed, but little has been forgotten. Stories of progress and repair as well as efforts to help those still in need, continue to circulate in our everyday conversations. However, as the anniversar ...

  • Vermont Disaster Relief Fund allocates $1.5 million to Vermont families

    Important Community Bulletins

    Hundreds more survivors still in need of assistance   The Vermont Disaster Relief Fund (VDRF) has allocated over $1.5 million in direct assistance so far to over 100 Vermont families in their recovery from Irene an ...

  • What we thought would be a meer rainstorm turned out to be a flood; community shined through

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    It started raining on a Sunday, the day after we had just finished our last "Cooler in the Mountains" concert. Most of us considered the idea of a "Hurricane" coming to be a joke, and in fact considered our 'Hurricane prepar ...

  • My first experience with a storm of such magnitude

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    Another August has arrived. The month of humid days and nights. Another Vermont August with warm swimming holes and perfect weather for a swim or two. A month known for idyllic summer weather. It is now also known as the mo ...

  • Remembering Irene: Stockbridge

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    There are no fond memories of the destruction wrought by Tropical Storm Irene; there are still many suffering and waiting for promised relief and assistance. But we can recall, with pride and a smile, the many stories of fri ...

  • Reflections on Irene from the Okemo Valley

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    How would I describe the Okemo Valley's response to the hurricane? The Chamber immediately called all 400+ members to see how they were and what they needed. The amazing story was they all said "I'll be fine, there's ot ...

  • Remembering Irene

    Important Community Bulletins

    Before the events of August 28, 2011 the name Irene was mostly associated with the classic blues song "Goodbye Irene" performed by Leadbelly. But alas for those of us who were effected by "the storm of the century" saying go ...

  • Thunder without lightening

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    At about 8 a.m. on the morning of August 28, I went to the Sunup Bakery for a coffee as I often do. It was raining lightly and conversation with some friends speculated that maybe approaching Irene might not produce much rai ...

  • Killington Resort, one year after Tropical Storm Irene

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    When we received word that a tropical storm was heading towards New England, Killington Resort crews began preparing on Thursday, August 25. While the preparations were helpful and alleviated the extent of damage in some loc ...

  • Reflections from Rutland to Killington and many towns inbetwee

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    The Rutland Chamber of Commerce was untouched by the storm so we all arrived at work first thing the next day. We began to play a role as soon as we turned on the phones and they didn't stop ringing. We decided to stay open ...

  • Irene Reflections

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    Joy and I were separated during Irene, she got stuck at the Restaurant and I was stranded at home with the kids in North Sherburne (or is it North Killington?) Our experiences were much different because of our separati ...

  • Irene Reflections: Ludlow

    Important Community Bulletins

    Okemo Mountain Resort did not escape Tropical Storm Irene's fury unscathed, but the damage was considerably less than what some of our neighbors experienced. The community rallied in support of those in need and the newly cr ...

  • Musings on Tropical Storm Irene

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    Two days after the Tropical Storm Irene did her damage, and at the height of the activity in the "war room" (aka the classroom of the Killington Fire and Rescue department), I was walking from my position in the war room to ...

  • Recollections on Ludlow, Irene, and the generosity of the human spirit

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    At a time when most of us are more than tired of the political harangues that seem to be the "law of the land," it is almost comforting to look back on the shock and devastation of Irene and realize what Vermonters displayed ...

  • Irene Reflections : Killington

    Important Community Bulletins

    On Aug 27, 2011 I was on my way to Boston. People told me I was crazy because I was driving into the storm. But as we now know, that was not the case. I woke up Sunday morning to a rain storm and parts of Boston without powe ...