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  • Vt. Supreme Court upholds Lowell wind permits

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    (AP) The Vermont Supreme Court on Friday, Oct. 19 rejected a series of appeals filed by opponents of a wind-power project under construction on Lowell Mountain. In its decision, the court rejected a series of claims by the ...

  • Benefits of wind power to Vermont and the interconnected electric grid

    Important Community Bulletins

    Dear Editor: Recent claims that the Grandpa's Knob wind project would not meet a need on the electric system and that integrating wind power into the Vermont electric grid somehow does not reduce fossil fuel pollution are si ...

  • Wind power is a great alternative to fracking

    Important Community Bulletins

    Dear Editor: While in the process of looking for real estate in Vermont, I noticed on the front page of a newspaper a controversy over a windmill project on Grandpa's Knob. I have done some research on windmills in the eff ...

  • Harnessing the wind on Grandpa’s Knob sparks controversy


    Of all the ridgelines in all of Vermont, Reunion Power had to pick Grandpa's Knob. And why not? On the surface, the ridge is every wind developer's dream, offering a steady breeze at an acceptable speed in close proximity to ...

  • Industrial wind in Vermont is not “green”

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    Dear Editor, The enormous power consumed in manufacture, transportation, new roads up the mountain and site preparation can never be equaled by the power produced. Have its supporters no conscience? Industrial wind in Verm ...

  • Grandpa’s Knob Wind Farm project briefing

    Local News

    The wind power development on Grandpa's Knob Ridge, which runs from West Rutland and Castleton to Pittsford and Hubbardton, is moving forward quite well and may apply for permits from the Public Service Board which needs adv ...