Abusive Speed Trap

Dear Editor,

On, July 4, my wife, an extremely careful driver who has never received a speeding ticket in her life, was driving on 100 South in Plymouth at the posted speed limit of 50 m.p.h., when suddenly she passed a 35 m.p.h. speed limit posted without previous warning on the same road—with a police car waiting near it.

Before she had a chance to make the speed adjustment required, the police car drove out, stopped us at 49 m.p.h. and issued us a $144 ticket. As she was presenting the ticket, the officer asked my wife if she were in the military. When my wife said she was not, the officer explained how the fine might be paid and went on her way. We do not know what to make of that last question…

Seems there are many such notorious speed traps in Vermont, all listed on the National Registry of Speed Traps. How is it that these well-known revenue raiser abuses are allowed to continue unchecked?

There must surely be enormous economic consequences to local businesses who lose the patronage of out-of-state visitors who will not return to the towns and municipalities who allow or endorse these speed trap abuses.

Carmine Giordano, Lake Worth, Florida

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