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9/2 Fresh Photos from Killington & West Bridgewater

Here are some photos I took today to supplement more complete reports from todays live on the ground expedition into Killington. I will have detailed explanations to go with all of them, but at the moment I'm out of energy from a long day in the effected area.


But, you will get the whole story.... a story that is just beginning...  hundreds of sotires.... that will not end for a very long time.


There is tragedy, but there is also powerful human spirit and energy which rarely comes to the surface with such power as it does during a shared disaster. This is particularly true in a small town... athough this is not a "small" town... it's home of the East's largest mountain resort, but it functions on a relatively smalll permanent population.


But that's enough of my chatter..... I share some images.


Giant dump trucks taking rubble that had washed downstream back to where iit originated. This In Mendo


Work crews in the riverbed attempting to rebuild Route 4 on the way in to Killington. By the end of the day this effort had expanded at least two fold and is an impressive display of reconstruction.


Seth Webb and Steve Finer conferrring at the Killington Region Command Center. There are dozens of volunteers working round the clock from the upstairs offices in the Killington Fire Department. We'll have a full sotry on this shortly


The Killington Upper Base Lodge and the K1 Gondola Station are fully intact. There is no noticeable damage to the upper mountain terrain. Previous images reporting the loss of the lodge were not exactly accurate. A 20 year old converted deck "addition" that was built over the river to the left ot the base lodge did suffer damage. But it's "no great loss" and the resort already has a plan to replace it by winter with "something more fun."




A quick stop to visit with Chris Karr at The Pickle Barrel foud him communicating with another restaurant owner to discuss the self organized convoys that the food purveyors put together to get supplies into their establishments. More on this laterH




The Kokopelli Inn was in the immediate path of water and debris just past the washout at Route 4 and River Road in Killington


Truman Bants (l) with Goodro Lumber owner Bill Shaw (r). Truman lives nearby and witnessed the entire tradegy on Sherburne Flats - in a precarious spot. Bill lost an major part of his lumber inventory that's "somewhere" downstream from his store. More on this to follow.


Rick Champine and son Richard, Jr. removing personal property from their apartment upstairs at Blackie's Deli and Store in West Bridgewater. They have a heart wrenching story that I will fill in tomorrow. In the mean time the following photos show where they weathered out the tragedy... surrounded by devastating flood waters..... and they are very lucky to be alive.





A Killington "super-hero" Craig Mosher who, with his construction company, single handedly removed the worst Route 4 damage at Route 4 and River Road. There is a wonderful story here.... full of appreciation from everyboy who knows him. When Craig is "free" in a week or so you'll get to learn about this amazing "get it done" person.



And my last possible stop of the day at the Killington Elementary School where teachers had walked into Killington from Rutland and other destinations to do their job, and to volunteer at the "Comfort Center" which is distributing food, water and supplies to needy residents. Lauren Pepe (l) Shcool Principal and Allison Naugle (forgive me if I got your last name wrong Allison - my notes are barely readable!) .... two brave women among a dozen or more of the school staff. Again.... a full report to follow on this wonderful community asset and the other important stories.


With the help of the Vermont State Police I was able to return home to Rutland and now be home to send you this information. Thank you to everyone for helping us report the news.



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