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9/3 Killington Transportation Update

- Westbound Update
The bus schedule to and from Rutland will remain the same for Saturday, September 3.

The Bus will run with the schedule below, which will require passengers to walk approximately 1/2 mile through the woods. The shuttle will take passengers to the ends of Journeys End / Helvi Hill Road and a shuttle will pick them up on the other end of the trail to complete the route. The return trip in the afternoon will be the same.

Beginning Thursday, September 1, the daily bussing schedule will be:
Depart Rutland at 7:15 am and arrive in Killington at 8:15 am.

Depart Killington at 8:30 am and arrive in Rutland at 9:30 am
Depart Rutland at 5:15 pm and arrive at Killington at 6:15 pm.

Depart Killington at 6:30 pm and arrive at Rutland at 7:30 pm

The Bus will make select stops at:
Killington Grand - Pico Mountain - Mendon Mountainview /Cortina Inn - Transit Center (Rutland)
- Times are approximate and will depend on travel speeds.
- This schedule is subject to change.          

The Journeys End/Helvi Hill Road trail has been cleared to allow for easier access.
- Eastbound Update

The Town of Killington has been working with the Agency of Transportation (AOT) on short-term and long-term solutions for the Route 4 reconstruction. AOT has begun working around the clock, 7 days per week on construction. To accommodate their work schedule, they have asked the Town to limit traffic as much as possible during this time. Information is unfolding hourly as a plan is being developed and updates will continue to be made public as they become available.
To support these goals, a police escort will be provided tomorrow, Sept. 3, for people who need to enter and exit Killington, from Killington to Bridgewater. The road from Bridgewater to I-91 is clear and open.
A line-up will begin at 6 pm at the intersection of River Rd. and Rt. 4 to exit Killington. A line-up will begin at 6:45 pm at the Long Trail Brewery in Bridgewater to enter Killington.
This information is subject to change. As soon as additional information is available, it will be posted on and distributed through the Town's e-mail newsletter. Please check back daily for an updated schedule.

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