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Today's Report from Killington Command Center

Irene Relief Updates, Sept. 4, 2011
Current as of 2:00 PM
Updates and information as it comes in will be posted on
Transportation Updates:
Rt. 4 East:
      The Vermont Agency of Transportation (AOT) is making significant progress on Rt. 4 east and west of Killington. AOT told us Route 4 East from Killington to Bridgewater will be closed for construction from 7:00 am - 6:30 pm daily.
      There will be a police escorted/assisted entrance to and exit from Killington twice a day. Please drive carefully and yield to construction vehicles on all roads. The schedule, which is subject to change, is:
Eastbound (from Killington to Bridgewater)
- 6:30 am
- 7:00 pm
Westbound (from Bridgewater to Killington)
- 6:00 am
- 6:30 pm
Rt. 4 West:
      The road from Mendon to Rutland is closed. Only emergency vehicles and recovery supply vehicles will be allowed in at specific times. This is subject to change and everyone is encouraged to plan alternate transportation routes to avoid Mendon. Any requests to travel through this area MUST go through Steve Finer at 422-FIRE.  
      Shuttles from Killington to Journeys End will be limited over the next two days due to the possibility of rain and trail degradation. There will be no unauthorized motorized vehicles allowed on Journeys End. Travel on the path should be for absolute necessities only over the next two days. Therefore, the volunteer shuttle will not be available. If you absolutely need a shuttle, please call 802-558-9110 or 802-775-7181 in advance.
      After Tuesday, the normal shuttle operation will continue to operate from Killington to Journey's End Rd. and from Journey's End Rd. to Rutland from 7 am to 7 pm. A ½ mile walk through Journey's End Road is required. If you plan on driving yourself, you should park at the Tyrol Motel - all cars parked on the road will be towed.
*Please stay updated on information at as this information is weather-dependent and subject to change.*
Prescriptions (including those for pets):
      Prescription deliveries will happen only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You should call your pharmacy and pay for your prescription by noon on any of these days and it will be delivered by 3:30 pm to the Fire House.
      This plan will also be in effect for pets that need prescriptions from Eastwood Vet Clinic. Please call and follow the same instructions, which include paying by noon and asking it to be delivered to the Mendon Town Hall by 1:30.
      Thank you to all individuals and businesses who have donated their time and resources to help us rebuild essential roads. Before you do any construction or begin any repairs at your home, business or road, you must take photos. We need photos of the damage to document our damage for FEMA applications and paperwork. You should save all photos and await further instruction from the town.
      Additionally, you should track all your volunteer hours and donations made so that we may count these towards FEMA costs. Businesses should send this information to Jillian at the Killington Chamber of Commerce, and individuals should maintain their own records and await further instruction.
*If you're not sure if you should track it, track it!*
FEMA Meeting for Individuals and Businesses:
      Information sheets about the procedures for registering with FEMA are available at There will be an in-depth informational meeting for FEMA-related procedures and questions tomorrow (Monday) at 3 pm at the Killington Elementary School.Insurance and legal experts will be on hand to help answer questions, and MB Neisner has volunteered to help any business owner examine his or her contract in order to assist with filing claims or working with FEMA at this meeting and in future weeks.
      All gas stations in town have gas and are accessible during business hours without a police escort, including the stations on Rt. 4.
Mail and Packages:
      The Post Office will be open from Tuesday, Sept. 5 through Friday, Sept. 9 at regularly scheduled hours, 8:30 am - 4 pm. UPS will deliver on Rt. 4 and on the access Rd, and will be at post office from 4 - 5 pm for pick up and drop off
Vet Clinic:
      Vets from Eastwood Vet Clinic will be in Town next Saturday afternoon between 3:30-4:30 pm. Please call 422-FIRE if your pet needs assistance. A location is still being determined.
New Location for Comfort Center:
      The comfort center has been moved to the Butternut Inn. Please go here for food, water and supplies. The Butternut's hours are 7 am - 5 pm today. Tomorrow, the hours will be 9 am - 12 pm, and 6 - 8 pm. Future hours will be posted on
School Update:
The Woodstock Union Middle School/High School is expected to open on Tuesday, Sept. 6. AOT has coordinated bus schedule between Killington and the school, the schedule is:
- Depart Killington Sports (formerly Shops at the Shack) at 6:30 am
- Return to Killington at 5:30- 6 pm.
Times are subject to change
      Most sports and extracurricular activities will be on hold for the first week of school; more information will follow. Bottled water will be provided at the school. The kitchen is shut down. A free lunch will be served, or students may bring their own lunch.
       For more information, please go to or call Eileen Godfrey at 802-236-7863. There will be more updates regarding the schools by 9 am on Monday, Sept. 5 at

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