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At year end, national average gas prices are high

Vermont average gas price: $3.46

Vermont lowest gas price: $3.29 (Brattleboro)

Rutland lowest gas price: $3.34

The U.S. average price of gasoline has declined significantly in recent months but still remains 21.3 cents per gallon higher than the U.S. average price recorded last year at this time.

"As 2011 has come to a close, that's cause for concern," says Gregg Laskoski, Senior Petroleum Analyst for "Why? For the past seven years, the average price movement from the beginning of the year to the peak price posted during the year has been $0.93 cents per gallon, and as high as $1.31/gallon."

"Last year was actually a good snapshot of what we've seen for the past seven years: 2010 ended with the national average at $3.05 and we saw the annual spring 2011 climb push the national average 91 cents higher to its peak level as early as May 11 when it reached $3.96 per gallon," Laskoski said.

"In three of the last seven years nationally, the spread between the yearly starting price and the peak exceeded $1 per gallon and only once in the past seven years was the spread below .82 cents per gallon... if the national average doesn't move closer toward or under $3 per gallon by the year's end, we could be paying over $4/gal next spring," said Patrick DeHaan, another Petroleum Analyst with GasBuddy.

Vermont average "start price" to peak retail gasoline prices does not show as great of a gap compared to the national average. Only once since 2007 has the difference exceeded $1.

(Based on Burlington figures)


Start Price: $2.41/g on 1/1/2007

Peak Price: $3.13/g on 11/22/2007

Difference: 71.8 cents per gallon


Start Price: $3.11/g on 1/1/2008

Peak Price: $4.10/g on 6/12/2008

Difference: 99.9 cents per gallon


Start Price: $1.62/g on 1/1/2009

Peak Price: $2.76/g on 11/3/2009

Difference: 114.0 cents per gallon


Start Price: $2.72/g on 1/1/2010

Peak Price: $3.18/g on 12/25/2010

Difference: 46.5 cents per gallon


Start Price: $3.18/g on 1/1/2011

Peak Price: $3.97/g on 5/11/2011

Difference: 79.2 cents per gallon

Data updated Jan. 9. Based on regular gas prices. is a group of local websites which offers an online method for website visitors to post and view the most up-to-date  retail gasoline price information.

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