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Early season snow sports sales trends

SnowSports Industries America (SIA) and The Leisure Trends Group have released 2011/2012 data covering August through November snow sports sales. The snow sports market had plenty of traffic in November and sales reflected the more optimistic mood of the U.S. consumers overall. 
Snow sports consumers were not yet affected by the lack of snow that is dampening spirits and bottom lines across the industry in December and early January.

Sales between August and November 2011 were up 5% overall in units and 10% overall in dollars sold, reaching $1.2 billion. Specialty shop inventories, while leaner than ever at the end of the 2010/2011 season, are slightly more stocked than they were at the end of November last season. Sell-through is also slightly higher, indicating that inventories are aligned well with market demand through November 2011.

Early trends to watch this season:

•    Reverse and mixed camber ski sales have doubled from 28,000 units sold through November last season to more than 55,000 sold through November 2011.

•    Insulated parka sales are up 18% in units sold as non-participants head to chain stores and online to buy snow sports apparel as casual wear. Internet sales of insulated parkas are up 33% in units and dollars sold through November.

•    AT/Randonee boot sales are up 22% in units and dollar and skins sales are up 21% in units sold and 25% in dollars sold.

•    Winter boot sales are strong again this season with sales reaching more than $36 million through November, $6 million more than sales through November last season.

•    More than 1.2 million helmets sold last season and this season is off to a strong start with more than 300,000 units sold as of November 30, a 15% increase in units sold.

December data is currently being collected and tabulated.

The current lack of snow across the U.S. is a threat to the health of the 2011/ 2012 season overall. If current conditions persist, core participant buyers may choose to wait and see what new technology may become available in the 2012/2013 models when snow conditions are (hopefully) better.

But hope remains for better conditions this season; the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration continues to call for standard La Niña conditions for the remaining winter months: "During January - March 2012, there is an increased chance of above-average temperatures across the south-central and southeastern U.S., and below-average temperatures over the western and the northwest-central U.S. Also, above-average precipitation is favored across most of the northern tier of states and in the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys, and drier-than-average conditions are more likely across the southern tier of the U.S." (Statement released by NOAA January 5, 2012).


The market data presented in this report comes from the Snow Sports RetailTRAK™ produced for SIA by the Leisure Trends Group. The Leisure Trends Group gathers RetailTRAK™ data directly from the Point of Sale systems of more than 1,200 snow sports retailers.

SnowSports Industries America (SIA) is the national not-for-profit, North American member-owned, trade association representing suppliers and service providers of snow sports products with constituents in the retailer, rep and resort communities.

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