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Killington Planning Commission excerpts from meeting July 25

Horner distributed a draft letter to Act 250 from the Planning Commission stating its position on the Fire Department's request to requiring single family dwellings in the village development be sprinklered. The Commission reviewed the letter and made some changes.

Lee moved that the David Rosenblum sign the letter as revised. Crompton seconded. All in favor.

Horner, Seth Webb and the consultants met with VTrans regarding the Killington Gateway project. The concept was very well received. VTrans thought it was an excellent project and indicated that it was well positioned for application for the next round of grant funding.

d. Sponsors of the Spartan Race taking place at the Killington Resort this September asked permission to park their trailer in the Killington Sports parking lot at the corner of Route 4 and the Killington Road from August 15 through September 15. Horner noted that this is considered an off site sign which is not permitted by the Zoning Bylaws. After the complaints he received last year, he did not recommend the Commission allow this exception. After some brief discussion, the Commission agreed that this is not a permitted use and suggested that they park the trailer within the Resort property where the event will be taking place.

David Rosenblum, Chair, opened the public hearing at 7:55 p.m. for Application #12-031 by Horace and Taylor Glaze for Site Plan Review to convert a garage located at 360 Dean Hill Road into a community center to be used as a studio for the purpose of holding workshops, lectures and retreats for cancer survivors.

Horner brought the Commission's attention to a narrative and site plan provided by the applicants. He noted that this would be considered a community center which is an allowed use in the R1 District provided that it is operated primarily as a not for profit. Horner also noted that a total of 13 parking spaces would be required and the property has 14.

Taylor Glaze indicated that these workshops (about 4-6 per year) would take place predominantly in the summer and fall, have 10-12 attendees which would be by invitation only and any overnight guests would stay in her home or area lodging facilities if needed and not in the community center.

The Commission raised a couple of concerns: i) This change of use passing on to a new owner should be property be sold; and ii) The garage (proposed community center) borders Lady Slipper Lane which is a narrow private road. If guests were to park along that road it could cause circulation problems for residents of that road.

After some lengthy discussion, Crompton moved and Leonard seconded to approve Site Plan Review for this change of use with the following conditions: i) This approval is unique to the current owner; ii) This permit will terminate with the sale of the property; iii) This center will be operated not for profit with programs similar to those outlined in applicant's narrative;
iv) Shall not have overnight occupancy greater than that permitted by the wastewater permit; v) There is sufficient parking (13 spaces); vi) "No Parking" signs will be placed on Lady Slipper Lane on event days; vii) The center will be operated within the accessory building; viii) There will be no more than two people that are not residents may be employed; ix) There will be no excessive noise and no more traffic will be generated than what would normally be expected in the neighborhood. All in favor.
Crompton moved to authorize David Rosenblum to sign the Findings of Fact. Lee seconded. All in favor.

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