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News briefs from Killington Elementary School

Program Presentation Night
Students at Killington Elementary School (KES) have settled into their back to school routine. This routine and the programs used for instruction was the focus of discussion at Program

Presentation Night on Tuesday, Sept. 18 at 6:30 p.m. Teachers hosted two 20-minute sessions, with the same information provided in each. Parents and guardians were encouraged to attend.

Parental involvement is a key element to the success students experience in school. By attending school events, supporting homework sessions, reading together and showing a genuine interest in the education of your child, your child will make greater gains. Be involved! Let your child know that all of us, parents and educators, work together as a team in his or her best interest.
Childcare was provided for those parents unable to secure childcare in the home.

Music Program
Would your child like to learn to play a musical instrument and experience the joy and exhilaration that comes from participating in a band? Music educator, Christine Morton, has begun instrumental music lessons. Once again, there is no cost for these lessons; the only cost pertains to the music book and the instrument rental or purchase. If this is a hardship that prevents your child from participating, please talk to Mrs. Pepe or Mrs. Pilsmaker.

Please contact Mrs. Morton with any questions pertaining to lessons.

Students Avoid Regression
To help students avoid unnecessary regression, KES teachers provide students with summer skill work. The purpose of this is to help students maintain skills learned and decrease the amount of recoup time ordinarily necessary during the first several weeks of school. Since starting this several years ago, teachers report that summer skill work is effective. Students return to school after the long summer vacation with skills intact and with greater confidence. Thank you to all students who completed their summer homework and to all parents who helped by supporting this effort.

Teachers Attend Summer School, Too!
KES students are not the only ones doing schoolwork in the summer months. Teachers spent many days and weeks refreshing their skills, learning new ideas and methodologies, taking college courses, and doing curriculum work to aid in their never ending quest to improve upon the art of teaching. Teachers actively participated in a curriculum institute, a workshop at Marsh Billings National Historic Park, a weeklong conference on sustainability at Shelburne Farms, a Crisis Prevention Intervention Class, and more. Once again, we began the new school year refreshed and ready to meet our educational mission at KES: To provide a caring environment with a strong support system and high academic standards to successfully educate the whole child: socially, emotionally, physically, and academically.

Welcome Castleton Students
KES welcomes Castleton State College student teacher, Megan Bates, to Killington Elementary
School's third grade classroom this year. Ms. Bates will work closely with third grade teacher, Kate Carey, as she learns tools and strategies to successfully educate children. We also welcome Castleton State College Inquiry II student, Heather Zaykowski, as she works in fifth grade with teacher, Allison Naugle, each Monday and Wednesday. We wish both students well in their journey to become educators.

Spartan Race KES Fundraiser
The following announcement was recently made by the KES Parent Group, the KEEPERS:
On Saturday, Sept. 22, thousands of people will head to Killington to participate in the Spartan Race, and KES will be there too!
For students, in between all the obstacle activity, KES kids have been invited to participate for free in the Junior Spartan Race. Each child will receive a t-shirt, medal and opportunity to run this fun-filled junior-sized obstacle course. Check-in with KES representative is at 11:15 a.m., junior event starts at 12-noon and will be over by 1 p.m.

For parents, The KEEPERS (the KES parent group) will be hosting a fundraiser all morning with their very own lemonade stand. They expect a huge turnout and need parents to sign up for shifts. Check-in with a KES representative when you arrive for your shift and be prepared to bring your own energy!