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OP-ED: Need a reason to donate blood? Here are 100!

In a few short days, the greater-Rutland area will do something extraordinary. Whether the Gift-of-Life Marathon Blood Drive breaks the national record on Dec. 18 or not, donors will help save hundreds of lives and positively impact thousands of recipients' friends and families.

For many, donating blood at the GOLM has become a holiday tradition, but for others, due to the crowds, fear of needles or inertia, the blood drive just isn't on the radar.

Here are 100 reasons to call 800-RED-CROSS and make an appointment today.
1)      You will help save a life.
2)      60 percent of people will need blood at some time.
3)      Barely 5 percent ever donate.
4)      Honor a lost loved one.
5)      50 percent more Red Cross staff this year!
6)      Impress your friends.
7)      It costs nothing.
8)      Pay it forward.
9)      It's a party!
10)   Show the needle who is boss.
11)   Great gift bags.
12)   One pint can help three people.
13)   It's the right thing to do.
14)   Free blood pressure test.
15)   It's selfless.
16)   Free day of rock climbing.
17)   Show how tough you are.
18)   Support cancer patients.
19)   Free Long Trail pint glass for folks over 21.
20)   Accident and burn victims need blood.
21)   You could be part of a national record.
22)   Build your self-esteem.
23)   Free parking in the state garage.
24)   Cute phlebotomists!
25)   Bond with other donors.
26)   Prove you have a heart.
27)   Great food.
28)   You'll help someone you'll never know.
29)   It's virtually painless.
30)   Free box of Westminster Crackers.
31)   Someone needs blood every six seconds.
32)   Blood can't be manufactured.
33)   Help make Rutland famous!
34)   Ensure holiday blood supply.
35)   Makes a great Christmas gift.
36)   Lose 2 pounds!
37)   Reduces risk of heart attack.
38)   Free candy from Vermont Country Store.
39)   You're healthy - pass it on.
40)   4.5 million in North America need blood annually.
41)   Blood recipients will love you.
42)   Bond with family, friends, co-workers or teammates.
43)   Free iron test.
44)   You might get on TV.
45)   Instant gratification.
46)   Good excuse for eating a giant breakfast.
47)   Fits your schedule.
48)   Free hand sanitizer.
49)   It's a cheap date.
50)   There's nothing more generous.
51)   Coupons from local businesses.
52)   Free temperature test.
53)   Delicious corn chowder in the canteen!
54)   Your body will make more.
55)   Donations slip around the holidays.
56)   You'll be a hero.
57)   Free Rutland Magazine.
58)   Sixteen-year-olds can donate for the first time.
59)   Some leukemia patients can't live without donors.
60)   Meet new people.
61)   Patients facing surgery.
62)   Good excuse to skip exercise.
63)   You are NOT too busy.
64)   We're asking YOU.
65)   Every type of blood is needed.
66)   You can choose from four sites.
67)   Most people are eligible.
68)   You are not too old.
69)   Eat all you want afterward - guilt-free.
70)   The need is constant.
71)   It's a noble gesture.
72)   It's relaxing.
73)   Mingle with great people.
74)   Show your parents you amounted to something.
75)   It's gallant.
76)   Free efficient light bulb.
77)   Eat red meat without guilt.
78)   You'll probably need blood some day.
79)   You'll be an example for others.
80)   It's easy.
81)   You'll sleep well that night.
82)   Accidents happen every day.
83)   It's the social event of the season.
84)   Free DVD for first-time donors (while supplies last).
85)   Show your dog that you are man's best friend.
86)   See old friends.
87)   It's a random act of kindness.
88)   Removes free radicals.
89)   Chance to be on the Paramount stage.
90)   Good karma.
91)   Free XC skiing at Mountaintop.
92)   Blood is something money can't buy.
93)   It's altruistic.
94)   20 percent of blood recipients are children.
95)   Donating burns about 650 calories.
96)   Do unto others…
97)   It's invaluable.
98)   It's a Rutland holiday tradition.
99)   If you don't donate, who will?
100) Mayor Louras, Terry Jaye and I will get Red Cross tattoos if the GOLM breaks the national record!

Steve Costello is vice president of generation and innovation at Green Mountain Power and co-organizer with Terry Jaye of the Gift-of-Life Marathon.