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Shrewsbury firm receives award for energy saving renovation: Efficiency Vermont honors Redbarn Design & Build

On Feb. 6, Redbarn Design & Build of Shrewsbury received a "Best of the Best in Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®" merit award from Efficiency Vermont. The firm was recognized for its energy saving renovation of a Shrewsbury farmhouse.

Redbarn Design & Build transformed a farmhouse that had been costly to heat, uncomfortably cold in the winter, and suffering from mold due to improperly installed insulation that encouraged and trapped moisture. After replacement of mold- and moisture-damaged materials and extensive air sealing and insulation, the owners report that they have a mold-free home that stays warm with a smaller fire in their wood furnace. Their energy bills are estimated to have been cut by more than $2 thousand dollars per year.

The "Best of the Best" awards, given annually by Efficiency Vermont, recognize high achievement by builders, architects, and contractors using energy efficiency and sustainability practices to construct and renovate Vermont buildings.

The award winners for various categories were announced on Feb. 6 at Efficiency Vermont's annual Better Buildings by Design conference in Burlington, which hosted more than 1,000 of the Northeast's top building design professionals and construction tradespeople.

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