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A promise for a safer tomorrow

GunSenseVT gathers at Statehouse to support meaningful gun legislation

On Wednesday, May 8 a crowd gathered inside the Statehouse in support of meaningful gun legislation in the State of Vermont. GunSenseVT, the lead sponsor of the event, said the purpose of the gathering was to send a loud message that Vermont does in fact have a gun problem despite Governor's continued stance on this issue. They cite the following statistics:
- Vermont has the highest rate of gun deaths in New England, mostly by suicide.
- Vermont has among the highest suicide rate in the country - the majority of which are carried out with a gun.
- Vermont does not require gun owners to secure their guns in a gun safe or with a trigger lock, despite the data that shows a direct correlation between accidental shootings and unsecured guns.
- Over the past 10 years, 50% of the Vermont's homicides have been domestic violence related. In states that require a background check for private sales of handguns, 38% fewer women are shot to death by their intimate partners.
- Vermont, despite its small size, is 16th in the nation in exporting guns later found in crimes throughout the country. Because of this, Vermont has become known as the most "gang friendly" state in New England, which is illustrated by its growing "guns for drugs" trafficking that is currently challenging law enforcement and threatening communities like Rutland, Springfield, Bennington and Burlington.

 "The goal of GunSenseVT is to insist upon a dialogue on this issue next fall in our legislature and in Vermont communities, in the hopes that our representatives, gun owners, law enforcement and citizens who believe strongly in more rigorous gun legislation alike can come together as Vermonters in order make our state safer. Waiting for a tragedy is not an option," said Dina Janis, co-director of GunSenseVT.

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