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Fatal ATV crash: Thompson, age 76, dies

RUPERT - Vermont State Police in Shaftsbury were advised at 8:45 a.m. of a fatal ATV crash in a wooded area behind 4035 Kent Hollow Road in Rupert. An investigation conducted by Sgt. Brian Turner determined that Maurice Thompson, age 76 from Manchester, was assisting his son in removing a deer from the woods that his son had hunted.

Thompson's ATV had become hung-up on a log and in the process of freeing the ATV, the vehicle accelerated suddenly and threw Thompson off. Thompson landed face down atop a log with the ATV landing on top of his back.

In less than a minute, he showed no signs of life. Thompson's son, Michael Thompson of East Dorset, performed CPR and was successful in bringing his father back to life. Thompson was approximately four miles in the woods on a ridge behind 4035 Kent Hollow Road.

Emergency personnel from the Rupert Fire department, Granville NY Rescue, Arlington Fire Department and Albany NY LifeNet worked together to get Thompson out of the woods and provide medical assistance.

However, whiassisting Thompson, he lost consciousness and once again showed no signs of life. Efforts to bring revive Thompson were unsuccessful.