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Rutland native Laurie Coombs releases her first book: The Medium Chronicles: Lessons in Social Work and the Afterlife

RUTLAND - From the time Laurie Coombs was a small child, her special gift started manifesting itself in the voices that spoke to her, and the energies that surrounded her. As an introspective and intense young girl in Catholic school in the '60s - where it was considered a sin just to be left-handed - she was tormented for her non-conformist nature by the nuns, outnumbered by her four brothers, and even challenged by her mother. Now Laurie shares her own experience, from first visions to mainstream career psychic medium, in her new memoir, The Medium Chronicles: Lessons in Social Work and the Afterlife.

From that first incident of a voice warning her of a perilous encounter, to her ultimate acceptance of her spiritual vocation, Laurie recounts the events surrounding her gift that served as stepping-stones to her true calling as a medium. The book chronicles heartrending  stories of her years as a domestic violence specialist, an intensive-care social worker at a major teaching hospital, a brief stint as a stand-up comedian, and true-life accounts of mediumship experiences from throughout her life.

Coombs, who does readings at the Pyramid Wellness Center, describes her book this way, "The book outlines my own spiritual process and understanding of the afterlife. It asks pertinent questions about life, the soul and how our human experiences influence our spiritual evolution.  But ultimately, The Medium Chronicles is about coming home to Vermont." Laurie is a native Vermonter, who lives in Rutland with her goldendoodle, Ted.

The Medium Chronicles: Lessons in Social Work and the Afterlife  is available on and in hard copy at the Pyramid Wellness Center in downtown, Rutland.