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What is Art?

For over a decade, Killington Arts Guild has defined ART in the broadest sense. Painters, sculptures, crafters, photographers, gardeners, writers, dancers, dramatists and more are all artists. This is expressed in art shows at KAG's Upstairs Gallery at Cabin Fever Gifts and in its programs, many of which take place at the Sherburne Memorial Library.

Gallery exhibits demonstrate an interest in innovation. They include "found art"-a piece of wood that looks like a goblin, cut and polished; combined art-painting or photographs with poetry; and art created with transformed materials-pulp paper taking on the appearance of bronze.

Programs such as Hors d'oeuvres as Art, Yoga as Art, and Japanese tea making as Art all suggest an open approach to the question: "What is Art?"

Leo Tolstoy said that art should create a specific emotional link between artist and audience; Real art he thought ought to be a form of communication, a means of uniting people.

The new Killington Arts Guild Show: "The Art in Your Life" asks what art means to you as an individual. Alice Sciore, KAG Vice President, says, "A titled / theme show such as this, allows each artist to venture forth independently in their own direction of pure freedom. Other titles may require a more literal expression." There will be a reception on Feb. 18 from 1-3:30 p.m. where you can meet the artists and see their work.

Sciore, initiates art shows by contacting artists and then designing a poster for the show which members distribute. While artists finish new work or selection pieces from their collection, she prepares the gallery set up for the new pieces that will arrive early in February. She will hang or place new-framed works, sculpture and books in the Gallery with the assistance of Sally Curtis and Jerry Leblond. One of the hardest last minute jobs is labeling the work.

The German playwright, Bertolt Brecht wrote, "All art forms are in the service of the greatest of all arts: the art of living."  Along the same lines, I am reading Robert Fritz's book, "Life as Art."  

This evening "Post Card #4 "First Light on the Atlantic" arrived. I have been working this combination piece with Patsy Zedar for the new show. I am so excited. It is possible we will both be at the reception.  To contact this column:

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