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Art fits Killington

For the first time since the Killington Arts Guild moved into The Upstairs Gallery at Cabin Fever Gifts, The Gallery will be totally closed. From Feb. 9-18, The Gallery will undergo major renovations/painting. It is also the first time that a community organization, The Rotary, has volunteered to provide assistance with The Gallery. Key players in the Rotary painting event include: Red Glaze, Paul Holmes, Chad Aston and The Guild President's husband, John Brennan-all have construction and painting experience. The walls have been painted through the years but when The Rotary surveyed The Gallery they decided to paint everything even the ceiling, ten feet up, and this requires staging.

This is a momentous event. All the art in The Gallery must be removed so that the renovations can be done. Artists have been requested to bring 3-4 pieces of new art Feb. 14 - 15 for the new show, "Art in Your Life" so that it can opened on February 18. The timing for the removal of art, rehabilitation and hanging of the new show seems precise- almost like launching a rocket into space.

How did we get to this point? Well, it goes back to 2008 when KAG decided to participate in the Vermont Council on the Arts project 'Art Fits Vermont.' Alice Sciore saw this as a "Big Tent Event" and worked hard to obtain business community support.

The Guild held workshops for The Rotary, The Sherburne Women's' Club and others to turn puzzle pieces into art. Mike and Diane Miller allowed KAG to exhibit in their parking area, the fire department tent was obtained, Taylor Glaze organized food donated from local businesses and the Potluck Trio agreed to play music. On the August day this event took place everyone pitched in to make it successful. But it rained.

Exhibitors and visitors got wet even in the tent. The Millers offered space inside Cabin Fever Gifts - and the exhibit including the food was moved up to the second floor.  Afterwards the Millers graciously invited The Guild to use the gallery space on a long-term basis and a flexible contract was signed in October.

"Art Fits Vermont" was a statewide community project that was greater than the sum of its parts.  We thank Art Fits Killington too and thank the Millers, The Rotary, The Mountain Times, The Sherburne Women's Club, The Sherburne Memorial Library and many others for becoming partners with us in achieving that goal.

On to the next stage, the next show and a bright future of Art in Killington.

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