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A new season; a new start

In the 2012 Annual Meeting Report Sally Curtis, KAG president, quotes Robert Hass, U.S. Poet Laureate (late 1990s) "There's a whole range of behaviors that were highly functional in the hierarchical organization that are dead wrong in the more responsive, empowering organization that we're seeking to become."

The changes Hass recommended include: listening rather than speaking, valuing people of a different gender or culture; collaborating rather than doing it yourself, making decisions with people instead of making them by yourself. These suggestions apply to KAG and many other types of organizations.

In the Presidents Message, Sally reported that in the coming season there will be a full range of gallery shows, programs and workshops. The gallery is thriving.  She thanked Diane and Mike Miller of Base Camp Outfitter/Cabin Fever Gifts for their support. Sally acknowledged that many people are still unaware of the fine arts gallery where our artist display their work and discussed the Website, Peg-TV, the Mountain Times and Chamber of Commerce Mixer as ways in which we are seeking to be better known.

Two new members were elected to the Board of Directors: Geraldine Russell and Donald R, McIntyre. Gerry has moved permanently to Killington after living here part-time for eight years and has been a lively member of the Killington Senior Citizens and frequent reader of Betty Little's KAG Column in the Mountain Times. Mike Young nominated Gerry for the Board. She makes quilts and needlework, was a teacher, worked in middle management in a health care company, sold real estate and insurance, was elected and appointed to various political positions.

Donald lives in Rutland. His art is photography and digitally created photo art some of it with a humorous touch. He displays work in our gallery and at other locations in Vermont. He was a founder and first president of the Vermont Dermatological Society, president of the Central Vermont Symphony Orchestra and president of Route 7 Productions.

Incumbents Alice Sciore, Jerry LeBlond, Mike Young and Sally Curtis were reelected. The Board and other KAG Members do the work of a staff as volunteers. KAG has a modest budget provided by membership dues and workshop fees which is supplemented by in-kind donations.  For example, Lauren Wilder provides attractive, innovative and delicious refreshments with some help from members.

To run the Guild "It takes a village…"

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