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Getting to know us

Killington Arts Guild is a creative community for the arts. Our Gallery, website, programs and workshops are open to everyone. The best way to get to know us is to visit our Gallery at Cabin Fever Gifts where a new show, "Spring into Summer"  is displayed daily and to view the Guild's website. The website's "Gallery" page opens with artwork by Jerry Leblond showing what the real Gallery is like from the outside.

Susan Wacker-Donle, KAG webmaster says of the website, " I wish to emphasize that this is the membership's home for information on our events and activities but it is also a place where they can promote their own work and accomplishments."  The new "Guild Members Gallery" page with bios and photos of members and the "Guild Members Announcements" page, which focuses on their achievements, are particularly important.

Recently, Susan developed a workshop and slideshow  to help members create their own free website using Google. Participants arrived early at the Gallery. The room had been darkened for the occasion. Susan walked through the process of setting up a website - step by step.  If someone didn't understand she went over the material again. If the questions were too advanced she said, "That's for another workshop." Participants stayed for a three hour presentation, ate lunches they had brought, had a wrap-up session, lingered to ask questions and left with a CD of the presentation. Participants were members except Janice Greenwood. She wanted a website to promote her children's book. Gerry Russell needed to explore a new website for another association, Paedra Bramhall has a friend managing her website and would like to do it herself and  Lynn Fondulas had been frustrated  by attempts to set-up a  site by herself.  Barbara McKenna, a craftsmaker, Betty Little a writer, Alice Sciore, artist and sculptor wanted a website  market art. All were pleased with the day's workshop and Janice joined the Killington Arts Guild.

If you want to see more of the KAG Gallery go to our website pages:  "Gallery," "Current Gallery Show" and "Photo Album" at

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