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Magical crows in flight

The new Killington Arts Guild Show, "Spring into Summer" at Cabin Fever Gifts is full of beautiful flowers-iris, sunflowers, petunias, and lilacs. One can almost smell them they are so lovely. But what caught my eye were two quilted fabric pieces, by Muffy Kashkin Grollier, of crows - dark, flying forms against homespun designs in fabric and beads. Some years ago she did a large gallery show with magical fairies, gnomes and fantasy. It ran the width of the gallery under the windows. The crows seemed quite a change, perhaps more mysterious.

Art has been part of Muffy Kashkin Grollier life since she was a small child. Her mother was an artist, her greatest mentor and teacher. She went to Art School at the University of Hartford Art School and Mass College of Art before she married. Life then led her to Vermont. Here, she worked with children about thirty years and finished a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services. She believes children learn best when they are free to explore. "My job," she says, "is to provide a stimulating environment, be a source of inspiration and provide knowledge. I want children to learn to be self-motivating and creative."

Magic and fantasy have also been a part of her life and her work. "I cannot remember a time when I did not have a little gnome doll or made drawings of fairies," she says. She learned to make applehead dolls and then worked with polymer and paper clays. Doll making brings her fantasy friends to life. "Beware," she says, "if you come to my studio, you may find my dolls dancing in the moonlight."

"When I was a child I lived across the street from the town forest in the Boston suburbs and grew up loving nature. I began sewing as a child, doll clothes and my own clothes. I took a free form sewing workshop in Connecticut, loved the idea of making art with fabric. Crows and ravens are especially magical so I incorporated them into my fabric art." Muffy has three pieces at the KAG Gallery, two in Manchester at the Southern Vermont Arts Center members show and will have two others in a show in Plymouth, MA in July and August.

KAG is very grateful to have her wonderful work on display in Killington in addition to the many other wonderful pieces that make up the new "Spring into Summer" gallery show.

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