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Meeting Paedra

Paedra Bramhall is an exceptional artist who, for over  40 years, has pursued a professional career encompassing bronze and glass sculptures and then combined the two mediums in intricate, bold and delicate, combinations.

Last year, I met Paedra at several Killington Arts Guild events. She always seemed to be comfortable and made a real contribution to the occasion. She was: at the salons at Jill Dye's Killington Dream Lodge, where sociology and democracy and poverty in San Francisco were discussed over a melting ice cream desert; at the KAG Annual Meeting in March 2012 where Bramhall provided a warm welcome to the young people from SafeArt; at KAG Gallery receptions where we admire and talked with her about her quilt "Parallel Universes." These were transfigured collages; images created from photos on the computers, then printed on archival canvas and finally stretched like an oil painting.

When asked about the origin of her name she said, "Paedra is the feminine which I created from my given name of Peter. It honors my parents. When asked why she lives here she replied, "Bridgewater is my hometown. I was born here during WWll. I had no choice. Let's just say I did not want to be born in Boston or any other place." When asked why she had joined the Killington Arts Guild. She said "KAG seemed open and welcoming and was close by, so here I am."

Now the Killington Arts Guild and Paedra Bramhall invite KAG members and serious art lovers to visit her Studio and Gallery in Bridgewater on Saturday, July 21, 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. (rain date July 22) to tour Bramhall's unusual studios, have a demonstrative viewing of works, interactive conversations, a picnic, and perhaps a dip in the brook.

Fran Bull of the "Gallery in the Field" in Brandon has written: 'This is the art that blares its forthright tunes with unbridled virtuosity.' You will be overwhelmed at the scope of the work that will be on display, the grandeur of the bronze sculpture, the uniqueness of the property … and the dynamic glass globes called 'interiors' that appear as visual symphonies.

RSVP to event if you are interested. Contact Sally Curtis or call, 802-422-3852. See and  KAG's  website photo pages and membership forms

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