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News briefs from the Lakes Region

Castleton governance
CASTLETON-Castleton voters are a bit curious about their select board. The board was quick to vote in opposition to the Reunion Power proposal, yet slow to take action on a town hall solution. Voters took heart when it appeared that the select board would utilize the Castleton Polling Institute to develop a way around what seemed to be an impass.
Voters turned down a bond issue for a new town hall to be erected on vacant land at Castleton Corners. The institute has conducted focus groups to determine questions to be on a townwide poll, but now they say there will not be a subsequent poll.

New subdivision regulations
PAWLET-Pawlet's planning commission is working to adopt denity-based subdivision regulations which would supplant the town's current zoning. Up to now, the town had six zoning districts, each with defined usage and lot sizes. Pawlet has been a "one-acre" town, so that any commercial activity occupying more than one acre requires an Act 250 permit.
Adopting subdivision regulations would mean Act 250 would apply only on developments of more than ten acre. It encourages clustered development and common areas. The town's development review board, not the state, oversees commercial development management.
Proponents of the subdivision approach say it reflects the town's needs and historic settlement patterns, eliminating the requirement for 5-, 10- and 25-acre lots. Agricultural properties remain whole.
Subdivision regulations will aid growth in West Pawlet's designated village center as the town reworks its 30-year-old wastewater treatment plant. The town plans a public forum on Monday, June 25, to discuss the community's responses to a survey on switching to a subdivision-oriented approach.

Poultney pickings
POULTNEY-The Poultney Public Library is now accepting donated books and movies for its annual book sale, planned for Saturday, July 7, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call 287-5556 to find out more. Also visit the Youth Flea Market that day.
Do you have your float ready for the Poultney July 4 parade? This year's theme is Books Come Alive!

Free swim lessons for Tinmouth
TINMOUTH - Swimming lessons are free for all children in Tinmouth, courtesy of the Tinmouth Community Fund. Call Jenn Rocque-Tifft, 558-1061, to register or find out more.
Thanks to all who helped with and/or bought plants at the annual Tinmouth plant sale. It garner more than $3,000, distributed between the Tinmouth Community Fund and the Tinmouth School Parents Club.

Buzz in Benson
BENSON-Benson residents Shannon Moriarity and Jeffrey Peltier recently received $1,000 Community Awareness Scholarships at Fair Haven Union's honor awards ceremony. Peltier also received the Bertha Franke scholarship. Mortiarity and Rachael DuBois each received an Eaves Memorial Scholarship for $1,000. In addition, Moriarity and Jacob Silver each received a $200 H. Glenn Munger Scholarship, awarded to the Benson senior boy and girl with the highest grade point average.
Online farmers market
WELLS-Cynthia and Rich Larson are organizing an online farmers market in Wells and looking for local producers to participate. Vendors post their offerings, including price by weight, volume, number, and other specifics. Customers enter the website to buy; when they do, that quantity is subtracted from vendors' lists. Farmers learn by e-mail what has sold and bring that amount to the Larson farm. Buyers pay from PayPal accounts and pick up their food at the farm. Interesting concept!

Lani's Picks
Saturday, June 23 - The Pawlet Historical Society holds a tag and bake sale at the Pawlet firehouse from 8:30 a.m. to 12-noon.
Saturday, June 23 - The Fair Haven Welcome Center hosts its sixth annual outdoor even from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., with dozens of booths display the offerings of local business, with WJJR broadcasting live on-site. Call 265-4763 or 265-2210.
Saturday, June 23 - Poultney dedicates the stone bench at Stone Valley Co-op at 10 a.m. At 2 p.m., Mark LeClair transforms logs of wood into carved animals with a chain saw at Lake St. Catherine.
Tuesday, June 26 - Satin and Steel energizes the evening in Castleton, on the lawn of the old Medical Chapel at 7 p.m.. The nine-piece group splits into a five-piece horn section and four-piece rhythm node, overlain by crisp vocal harmonies. Rain site is the tent also used during the college's graduation ceremony. For info, call 273-2911.

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