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Killington softball league: rumblin’, bumblin’ and stumblin’ to the playoffs

The Clear Cottage ended the regular season with a battle from Slips, Trips and Falls. For the second game in a row, the Clear was taken to the seventh inning. The Clear got on the board first with 2 runs in the first. They had a chance for more but Gordy suffered a "Cold Beer" K and stranded two runners on base. STF loaded the bases in the second and Dave Gagootz hit a run scoring single to cut the lead in half. After Bubba flew out, STF's Chris Kenison delivered a huge "CBK" to Brian Peters who watched the perfect pitch drop on the plate for strike three.

The two out rally began with Seeds and Ronzoni both hitting singles. Rob "Perfect" Pelletier got a bases clearing inside-the-park homerun for the hustle play of the year. Pelletier reached second but his heads up running got him to third but he was not done yet. He saw the chance to try for home so he was rumblin', bumblin' and stumblin' but slid in safely at home to fire up the Clear for the 5-1 lead. Both teams scored a run in the third but the incredible defense from STF's Jeff Alexander kept his team in it. Will "The Thrill" Burdick hit a ball to deep right field and Alexander took a big leap, caught the ball and crashed over the fence for the web gem big out. Next up was Brett "Better on 1 leg, then most on 2" Regimbald who blasted one to right but Alexander was there again to end the inning.

That seemed to fire up STF as Alexander, Matt Porter and Chandler all scored to cut the lead to 1. The bottom of the fourth saw something rare to Judd Washburn as he suffered his first "CBK" of the season. STF Coach Joe Kozlar matched Pelletier with an inside-the-park homerun of his own but this one scored two and gave STF their first lead 7-6. Seeds tied things up in the fifth scoring off a Ronzoni Sac Fly. A scary collision occured between Neal Giberti and Regimbald which fans thought was going to take both players out of the game but these two are tough as nails and stayed in the game.

Jackie Blue and Regimbald played some flawless defense as they combined for four of the remaining six outs. Regimbald, clearly limping, was still able to field the ball, hobble and fire to first for the big outs. The Clear regained the lead (8-7) in the sixth after Giberti hustled home off a single by Burdick. STF had one chance left but the Jackie Blue got out #1 as he had some big ups to catch Kozlar's hit, Alfie then suffered a big "CBK" for out #2 and then the limping Regimbald did it again and this time it ended the game and STF's chance at the upset.

Slopeside ended their season with a dominating "CBK" filled affair against Jax. Forrest, who had two web gems highlights, unfortunately was the biggest lowlight as he was 0-3 with two "CBK's". Cookie, the bartender not the Moguls player joined Forrest with one of his own. Loco was a one man D diving here, leaping there for out after out. But it was not enough to overcome Slopeside.

Moguls beat the Heavy Hitters 11-3 but it was the Hitters who had more web gems. Mild Megan was a wall at second and RuPaul Perry was stellar in left. RuPaul's season has been a rollercoaster ride on defense, up for a good game and then down for a bad one but he shined and got a big up in this one. Chad filling in for his first game of the season also got his first "CBK" of the season. Moguls appeared to be cruising towards a mercy shutout win in the fifth but Stevie Chi got the walk-off single to score Megan Mowery and give the Hitters the "Win" and extend the game.

The Hitters did lose by mercy in their next game falling to the Phat Italian 16-1. Everyone hit for the Phat but three players really shined. Jimbo Cassineri, Loco and Cam all were 4-4 with 3 runs scored a piece. Another player shined too but it was in the lowlight category as Kevin "Switch" Witt suffered a "CBK" looking and another swinging. He is the 1st player to CBK from both sides of the plate. The Hitters added two more web gems to their growing list and both were against Matt "Ajax" Anderson. Joe the Plumber robbed a single at third and Tyler "Canadian Bacon" Teed had an ice cream cone scoop of a catch in left that surely would have got Matt to second. Phill Andrews did hit the game winning single scoring RuPaul to give the Hitters their "Win".

All games played at the Killington Library Field on River Road
Monday July 30, 2012
Loser's Bracket Elimination Game: 4:50 p.m.
Loser's Bracket Elimination Game: 6 p.m.
Winner's Bracket Game: 7 p.m.
Tuesday July 31, 2012
Loser's Bracket Elimination Game: 5:30 p.m.
Winner goes to the Championship Game: 6:45 p.m.
Wednesday August 1, 2012
Championship Best of 3: 4:50 p.m. / 6 p.m. /  7:10 p.m. (if necessary)   

X-Clinched Playoff Spot, Y-Clinched Division
1)    X, Y-Clear Cottage 13-1
2)    X-Phat Italian 10-4
3)    X-Moguls/McGraths 9-4
4)    X-Vermonsters 9-5
5)    X-Slips, Trips and Falls 8-5
6)     X-Jax Food & Games 2-12
7)    X-Charity's Hitters 0-14

There will be a Budweiser sponsored post game party Tuesday July 31 from 8 p.m.-12 a.m.

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