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Lucy Lovebug’s Hugs

Sometimes the smallest things have the greatest meaning. Jan Greenwood's children books "Lucy Lovebug's Hugs" may be one of those. Greenwood is a new member of the Killington Arts Guild and an author. Last month she gave a book review at Ars Poetica. She began by passing a white bucket fill of Hershey's candy hugs and her calling cards, and read, "Lucy," a small, illustrated book in rhyme for children 3-8 years old. It is intended to be read at bedtime before the child receives a hug.

"Lucy," Greenwood says "Is like most of my writing, inspired. I just begin and it flows as does the love."

After the review, I drove her back to her car and as we parted she said, "Need a hug?" I declined, but appreciated her sincerity.

Greenwood lives tucked away in her log cabin in the woods on the outskirts of Danby with four cats. She graduated from Kansas State University with a major in family and child development, she moved to Philadelphia, but longed for the country, so moved to New Hampshire and then to Rutland, Vt.

Her interest in writing started with Christmas cards for friends and family.  People told her they read them over and again.

"Then I began reading my children's stories at the office to my co-worker who encouraged me to publish them. When Lucy Ladybug's Hugs formed in my mind I knew I should publish," Greenwood said.

"Lucy" was accepted right away by Tate Publishing who only accepts four percent of all the thousands of stories sent to them, she noted. "I now have another book about two little mice that get in to the makeup and the publisher is interested," she added.

"Lucy" is also available as an e-live book with an auto book digital download which helps children with their literacy. You will find it on the table with Ann Day's poetry and KAG's book "A Gathering of Poets" in the KAG Gallery at Cabin Fever gifts or on Amazon.

All the proceeds from the book go to Hand of Hope Ministries, a charity to help children and the child in adults who are hurting.

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