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The next parade

On the Fourth of July you can come to our town
Wait for the parade at the book sale. Go stand
with the villagers along the road cheering,
arms moving, heads bobbing this way and that.

Everyone waiting, then everyone shouting,
"Here, they come! Here they come!" Cars rolling
into view- hands waving out of windows,
the gardening girls in their flowered hats
dancing in the street, a wagon load of children
singing anthems, small flags in small hands,
a float with a church, the congregation singing,
men marching with tall hats bobbing
in the breeze, and old cars chugging by,
bicyclers on two wheelers and three wheelers
pumping, fire trucks and more fire trucks,
bright red, horns tooting, whistles blowing.

You can come to the Firemen's Picnic -- barbequed
hotdogs with the mustard and sour croute, hamburgers
with onions and cheese, mounds of cut lettuce
with fresh tomatoes, dripping ice cream cones and
pink cotton candy.
Listen to voices singing, "America, America"
hear fireworks cracking, see the splash
of red, white and blue in the night sky.
It will all feel like you have come home.

If you can't find it here in our village  go down
the road after the fire trucks and you'll see
the parade in the next Vermont town.

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