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About courage my love

Robin Gordon Taft restores furniture and calls it "Furniture in Recovery." A chest of drawers is in the Killington Arts Guild Gallery at Cabin Fever Gifts (Route 4), pictured on the KAG website and in the KAG brochure designed by Alice Sciore. Robin's unexpected solution for damaged and discarded furniture is to "recover" it. When she is done each piece is resurrected, recycled and has become functional art…strong, beautiful perfect and often whimsical.

Robin and her husband live on a farm house in Wallingford and use there home for furniture work. Every piece is marked with a logo-a winged heart with the words "Courage My Love." The name comes from a clothing boutique Robin's mother-in-law once operated in New York City. The phrase refers to her other passion as an advocate for allowing natural death. The logo links the two.
Instead of refinishing furniture the old way, Robin recovers it. Her first piece was a built-in hutch in her living room. She stretched decorative Nepalese paper over the hutch, glued it and finished it with polyurethane. That was the start. Her work has an attractive charm and provides a place for memorabilia. She does custom work, sells online, at artists markets and in Vermont home-furnishing stores.

Gordon was a nurse for 25 years and became an advocate for the rights of aged patients to a natural death. Furniture in Recovery is a fundraising effort for were Robins writes blogs.

She says, "allowing natural death is a plan for life's end which seeks to provide comfort and dignity above all else acknowledges that death is the inevitable result of the aging process. It supports a kinder and gentler way to die, relies less on medicine, technology and hospitalization and more on relief of pain and comfort."

In June, Megan James wrote an article in "Seven Days" about Gordon's furniture. She will be showing at Art Hop in Burlington's South End on September 7. Gordon is excited about her latest idea, papering doors with memorabilia. We hope to see samples in the  KAG Gallery soon.

"The fun I am having makes these pieces colorful and playful. But they have a spiritual side too when on closer inspection each one reveals its hidden message. Courage my Love," Robin says.

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