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Green Mountain Writers at their annual conference share works

photos by Ann B. Day

The valley along Tinmouth Road off Route 140 above Wallingford is one of the most beautiful places in Vermont. This summer, the sky was blue, layered with white clouds, and the mountains rose one beyond another, purple hues fading to shades of gray. The valley is full of green fields, red barns, gray clapboard farmhouses, machinery and occasional cows. The dirt road leads through tunnels of trees marked by birch. Queen Anne's Lace and purple Showy Fleabane grow thickly along the roadway. A turn left to Tinmouth Pond, brings you to the water and cottages with canoes turned upside down on the grass. The pavilion is here where the Green Mountain Writers have met one week in early August for more than a decade.

Writers come from all over to be instructed and inspired; to struggle with writing prompts; to listen to each other's memoirs, poetry and history; to eat delicious food; and sweat in the summer heat, dip in the lake and talk endlessly. Few training camps offer such dawn to dusk energizing activity.

Here Killington Arts Guild Members come to further their work and show off their talents. This year Yvonne Daley, the conference director talked about the importance of  "place" in writing and read from her book: A Mighty Storm: Stories of Resilience After Irene, "We know that we are changed; we just don't know how much."


Ann Day recited her nature poems with sound effects and read:  "I AM, cattails, the meadow, the mud, the early blossoms of red osier, the cat tails, the red-winged blackbird, the breeze that bends willowed grasses and the emerging spring that buds within me."
Donna Martin's offered a piece from her history of Killington and brought farmer Oran Bates to life; and Betty Little recited her poem," Love is...a firewall against the chaos of the world."

On the hottest day, poet David Budbill, from the Northeast Kingdom, read about Vermont summers, "Ninety days…just got to get outside and get together. I said, OUTSIDE! OUTSIDE!" 

Judy Gould's winter paintings of Vermont: churches, villages and hillsides that cover pavilion walls offering a pleasant backdrop. People asked, "What is the Killington Arts Guild?" They were surprised at the variety of our art and the commitment we have to our writing.

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