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Going Wild

The Killington Arts Guild just opened a new show, "Art and Soul" in its gallery at Cabin Fever Gifts. In some ways the KAG gallery is our wild place, a special retreat - there are others.

The Wild Center is rich and beautiful in the late summer morning light. The Adirondacks style building's high windows are clearly reflected in the lake. The bridge across the water is decorated with a sunburst of birch branches, golden spears of marsh grass rise from the water's edge, and clusters of wildflowers crowd along the trail. This is a place for a painter, photographer or poet.

Located near the geographic center of the Adirondacks on 31 acres of land donated by the citizens of Tupper Lake, NY, the Center is dedicated to discovering better ways for mankind to exist with the rest of the natural world.

The inside of the Center is designed so that visitors experience the lake and forest outside - see the fish, hear the birds. Living creatures are presented in the their natural habitats - the otter is the favorite. One exhibit demonstrates the dynamics of the geological earth and includes how a living glacier really works.

In the theater at the Wild Center a breathtaking panorama of the Adirondacks is offered including an aerial view of some of the 46 peaks over 4000 feet, travelling down a river, one of the 31,500 miles of rivers and streams, and much more.

The Wild Center was a vision of Elizabeth Lowe. One evening at her cabin in Tupper Lake with friends, she began developing a strategy to bring this dream into a reality. On July 4, 2007, the Center opened, and on June 15, 2012 it opened its "Planet Adirondack" exhibit, which features a floating interactive Earth where you can see how our world really works. The Center has just revealed plans to build an elevated walk for visitors to view the forest and marsh from above and includes an eagles nest.

Poetry is part of many of the inside exhibits inside the Center. A quote on the trail to the Center from Willa Cather: "We come and go, but the land is always here. And the people who live it and understand it are the people who own it ~ for a little while."
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