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The view through a lens: A safari at the Fair

The State Fair in Rutland gave KAG photographer Patsy Zedar a rare opportunity to try something new. She has successfully photographed waterfalls and fireworks for a number of years and assumed this would be a similar, but it turned out to be full of new challenges.

The group she went with takes photo walks in Vermont and, this particular night, included three highly experience photographers, Patsy, and a beginner. While the beginner was getting the fundamental help she needed to get started, Patsy worked on her own for a while until one of experienced members had time to review her pictures and give her point by point suggestions for exposure, position and lighting. They were all working at ground level with no attempt to view the amusement area from above. Patsy used a tripod to take her pictures and got pointers on ISO, color management, and other fine-tune settings for these types of conditions.

Taking pictures of colored lights in motion was different from the work she had done before. So much of what a photographer can do with a camera depends on incremental fine-tuning. Patsy came away with nice pictures and an awareness of the unexplored potentials of her equipment.

Her picture, "Round Up" shows one of the amusement rides in action. The time exposure makes it seem as though the riders have completely disappeared and that the ride itself is in full motion with the stripes peeling off as it goes faster and faster.

Jerry Leblond will be giving a KAG workshop in the Gallery in on Sunday November 18, from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. to learn how to photograph 2D and 3D (two and three dimensional) Art. The Fee is $60 for members and $70 for non-members. Forms can be downloaded from our website. For questions call President Sally Curtis at 775-0521.

The KAG Gallery is open every business day at Cabin Fever Gifts opposite the Killing Access Road. When you are touring the Hay-Bale Art - stop at the two cows and visit the Gallery, the gift and ski shop. For more about KAG visit

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