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Poet’s Corner Nature and Its Creatures: Views of Skiing

The Mountain
I stand tall above the line of freeze, so you may live in exhilaration, with ease.
The Sky
I open to show the sun and close to give snow for the run.
The Poet
I put words on paper to stimulate your desire
for items the merchant has for hire.
The Inn Keeper
Your comfort without fettering also serves my fortune's bettering.
The Maid
I make the bed upon which you lay your head.
You enjoy the slope and recreate my community's hope.
The Ski Shop
Your wishes I heed in stocking what you need.
The Shop Attendant
Your need creates my earnings.
My smile encourages your returnings.
The Slope
I stand in cold tranquility awaiting the adventure within your abilities.
The Snow on the Slope
Created in the cold, I await the heat of your bold sliding ski.
The Barn
Whatever you need to create unrestrained fun, I contain.
The Tram
In silence I wait 8 months to experience your emotional thrill within my gates.
The Ski
With hardened skin, I pardon the friction within you.
The Instructor
With pride I watch as your self-confident ride
expands your pleasured horizons.
The Turn
I hold challenges that quietly await your boldness.
The Fence
You want to expand, I withhold
to assure success
even in your bold excess.
The Tree
With snow-heavy limbs I watch
your exuberant descent
on my mountain's brims.
The Jealous Bear
If so inclined to take such a crazy ride, on four pads I could slide.
The Chipmunk
I must be a bit faster than your wildest near-disaster.
The Deer
What you do, I cannot.
It is also true-you cannot graze on grass.
The Cave Bat
I cannot notice your delight,
I observe only within the darkness
of night.
The Mountain Cat
It is not your presence that interests me,
it is the wave of glee that shadows you.
The Fox
Along the grey line of trees I move
listening to the sound of your sailing skis-
more importantly,
to the delicious call of a wild turkey.
The Field Mouse
In rapid motion I move with padded feet within narrow snow grooves,
hunting, escaping, hunting, escaping,
not so unlike your own darting,
then cautious moves.
The Hawk
I watch for the game you roust and scare,
the field mouse and the hare.
The Resort
Skiers are of diverse sorts, requesting a hodgepodge of
paraphernalia in the lodge
including tasty beers of varied ports.

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