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Transformation: 40 years of art displayed as a retrospective of Paedra

The day that it snows, I can only write about snow.  The day they hung Paedra Bramhall's work in the Killington Arts Upstairs Gallery was, like the snow, the only thing on my mind. I was there for the hanging, but was working on the other side. When I turned and looked back into the main Gallery, the whole room seemed larger, the ceiling higher. The art I had first seen in Paedra's galleries in Bridgewater had been brought to the KAG Gallery. It had come out of the wilderness into the light where it could be fully displayed in all it's grandeur.

This is Paedra's first "retrospective," which means a sample of past creations over forty years. Many are one-of-a-kind and other forms she may never create again-the blown glass for instance.

Everything in the room, as diverse as it was, had been created by one artist in her lifetime, some of it under the humblest of circumstances. Included in the exhibit are transfigured collages, ink paintings, sculpture in bronze and in hand blown glass and blown glass interiors.

The art of other KAG members is mounted up the stairs, in the entrance gallery and in the adjacent room. With Paedra's exhibit as the center, the Upstairs Gallery now looks like a first class Gallery.

Paedra's remarks are posted at the exhibit to give viewers an idea of sequence. The "Sumi ink drawings" are the oldest pieces in the exhibit. "They take my creative thread back to my earliest work here in Vermont," Paedra wrote. She discovered the way of drawing directly from the ink stick to the paper at the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1967. "This thread-connection resurfaced in my painting in 2003-2009," the description says.

She writes of the transfigured collages, "This is my layering of life and of sensuality. This is how I use this tool, a computer, to create the many layered both figuratively and actually imagines which are here on exhibit. I do not create simplistic art. I mark with purpose."

Her reprints are done in Brandon by Edward Loedding.

The exhibit called, "A searching mind: The many transitions of Paedra" is open 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. through May 12. A reception was held Feb. 15 from 4-7 p.m. Paedra spoke to an engaging audience about her work at 6 p.m. Many questions were asked and answered about her life works.

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