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BCO Disc Golf: Competitive play at all levels

Last Saturday a handful of BCO members traveled north to play in the Brewster Ridge Disc golf tournament. This is one of the major stops for the Green Mountain Disc Golf tour, much like BCO will be in July and September.

I have said it before: our player's skills have improved greatly and it is now becoming obvious to the rest of the disc golf community. We had to deal with drizzling rain all day but even so, Dave L, Pat M and Mike M all came home with prizes, and some pockets full of cash. BCODG was well represented that day. (If you are interested in seeing one of these events, July 6th is the 4th consecutive Base Camp Open Tournament. This event attracts the best Disc Golfers in New England.)

Back on the home front, Sunday League was a beautiful day and turn out was awesome. Nine of the top ten tags came out for the challenge and once again it appears to be very difficult to hold on to that #1 tag. There is however starting to be some consistency with the top ten players. I have to say there are roughly 15 players who could take top ten honors week to week. I know we always mention the top players but it needs to be noted that there is a very large group of players just out of top ten that have been exchanging tags and moving up the ladder. Mid-tag numbers are just as competitive as the top ten. And the DFL spot has exchanged hands almost as much as the #1 tag!

Regardless of all the rain, the course is in great shape.

If you haven't yet tried disc golf, come to BCO rated one of the best courses in the Vermont, open everyday 10-6 and 9-6 weekends. The pro shop carries disc golf equipment and apparel and lessons can be arranged.

This week's disc golf lingo is "party" a term used when everyone in the group scores a par for that hole, par- ty!

1- Dave L
2- Mike M
3- Spencer
4- Steve K
5- Jeremy M
6- Wes
7- Pat M
8- Brain
9- Mike L
10- Mac