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Proper dance card etiquette

The use of dance cards is a tradition that has all but disappeared from social occasions. However, as the ladies arrive at the Sherburne Memorial Library Centennial Celebration Gala, Sept. 8, they will be presented with a dance card emblazoned with the Library's centennial local created by the very talented local artist Peter Gould.
If you look up "dance card" you'll find a description similar to this: A dance card, programme du bal, or Tanskarte (German), is used by a lady to record the names of the gentlemen with whom she intends to dance each successive dance at a gala. They are thought to have originated in the 18th century by their use first became widespread in 19th century Vienna. They were particularly popular at massive balls during Fasching (German for the a week of partying leading up to Mardi Gras) just before Lent.
An actual dance card is typically a booklet with a decroative cover, listing dance titles, composers, and the person with whom the women intented to dance. When somes says "pencit me into your dance card" it means "find some time to spend with me." Conversely, if someone's "dance card is full" it implies that even though they may be interested, they have no time for another person.  Cool, isn't it?
Gentlemen, here is your chance to make huge brownie points with your special lady. This is that special occasion for her to get all dressed up, which you know she is dying to do, and for your to take her out for an evening of music and dancing at the Sherburne Memorial Library Centennial Celebration  Gala.
Ladies, here's that special occasion for you to dress to the nines, get your man to shine his dress shoes (we know he'll need some coaxing), and go out for an evening of music and dancing with your friends and neighbors.  For more info, call The Sherburne Memorial Library, 422-9765.