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Poetry Society of Vermont plans a reading

On Saturday, Nov. 2 at the Gables at East Mountain, in Rutland Town, there will be a meeting of the Poetry Society of Vermont and local poets for a day of poetry reading-a Regional Meeting, the first of its kind. This is a rare opportunity to hear outstanding poems by poets of every type and to participate yourself-to be one of the writers who reads.

Why should we read poetry? Poet Amy Lowell says, "…because only in that way can we know man in all his moods-in the most beautiful thoughts of his heart, in his farthest reaches of imagination, in the tenderness of his love, in the nakedness and awe of his soul confronted with terror and wonder of the universe."

Dana Goya in "Does Poetry Matter?" emphasized the need to build audiences for poetry and spent many years of his life doing that. We are bringing partners in this endeavor together for a day of reading, to hear what we have written and honor the writers. The Poetry Society of Vermont is providing leadership, the Gables at East Mountain has given us a place to read and their residents will be part of our audience. Come and make this a successful endeavor.

David Weinstock, of Ottercreek Poets in Middlebury, wrote in his in "A Gathering of Poets" that "… all poetry is local, and all artists, if we hope to bring anything good into this world, owe avid attention to that part of the world that is immediately at hand. Location does not limit us: it launches us."

In the morning, PSOV President, Tamra Higgins, is schedule to give a talk about "The Importance of Poetry" and Ann Day about "PSOV, Who We Are and What We Do." Readers will include: Tamra Higgins of Jeffersonville; Alice Gibson of Manchester; Ann Day of Waitsfield; Joe Whalen of Brandon; Sandra Gardener of Rutland and Betty A. Little of Rutland Town. In the afternoon, local groups and individuals will meet; Joe Whalen is Master of Ceremonies.

Local arts groups from around the region have been invited including a few notable leaders including: Laura Wilder from The Killington Arts Guild's Arts Poetica; Mary Crowley from The Chaffee's Poetry; Donna Martin from Chittenden - Friday Music, Yvonne Daley and local poets from the Green Mountain Writers Conference.

"Poetry and history are the textbooks to the heart of man, and poetry is at once the most intimate and most enduring," Lowell also wrote.

Photo courtesy PSOV
Tamra Higgins to talk on "Why Poetry is Important" at the Gables at East Mountain in November.