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RUTLAND-Stafford Technical Center's SADD Chapter, which is involved in Phase 2 of a three-part national contest on teen driving, has entered a tractor trailer into the poster contest.

The contest is run through National Organization for Youth Safety and is designed to promote better teen driving habits. The contest is open to any organization at any public, private, or parochial high school or middle school in the United States. This year, there appears to be about 400 groups involved.

Stafford Technical Center's SADD Chapter is the only Vermont entrant. Two years ago, the Stafford SADD Chapter finished in the top 20 nationally.

Phase 1 was a T-Shirt contest, which was designed to heighten awareness of the dangers of texting while driving. The SADD Chapter developed a slogan for the contest, "Decide Your F8, Texting Can W8", and then opened the t-shirt design portion of the contest to anyone in the school. Sierra Quenneville, a student in the Hospitality and Entrepreneurship Program from Otter Valley Union High School, won and her design was used for the shirts.

Phase 2 was a poster or billboard to promote teen driving restrictions, which are known in Vermont as the Graduated Driver's License. New drivers in Vermont who are less than 18 years old are restricted as to who they may have in the vehicle with them for the first six months of operation. This is designed to cut down on the number of passengers killed and injured by inexperienced drivers; the GDL has been very successful in achieving this goal. The SADD Chapter made the slogan "When You're Alone, You're in the Zone" and developed two possible entries: The first entry was designed by Brian Ward, a student in the Public Safety Services Program from Fair Haven, and it was a painting of a single set of tire tracks on a white background, and bore the slogan. It was painted by SADD members Stephen Marcoux of Castleton, and Logan Clark of Rutland. This was designed as a fallback entry should the much more technically complicated entry not come to fruition.

Plan A, the eventual entry, was to take the Stafford Technical Center Tractor Trailer School's vehicle and revise one side of the trailer to make a moving billboard. Due to time and monetary concerns, a complete revision of the trailer was out of the question. The design, which incorporated the slogan, and exactly covered the existing writing, and a drawing of a car with one occupant, was done by team member Rachel Ray, a talented graphic artist in Stafford's Digital Arts Program from Rutland. The artwork was then made into banners by Awesome Graphics.

A number of Stafford students, some wearing uniforms representing their program, were photographed around the truck. The photo was entered into the contest. A group of judges will determine the top 25 entries, which will compete on Facebook for the most number of "likes".

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