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Helicopter drops over 2,000 golf balls

Photo by Polly Lynn

KILLINGTON-It was raining golf balls at Green Mountain National Golf Course on Sept. 20, as Casey Crompton dumped over 2,200 balls, representing 2,200 chances to win $5,000, from a helicopter during the Golf Ball Drop Fundraiser to benefit The Peak Lodge at Pico Mountain.

"That was a little dicey," Crompton said as he made his way from the Bell 409 Helicopter shortly after landing. "One Ball was inches away from the flag, but got knocked away by the other balls that we dumped," he added.


1--heli -drop ---by -John -Harniman --9.20.12---IMG_4386

Photo by John Harniman

After all balls came to rest on the green, it was Erin Gilmore of Rutland that was the lucky winner, with her ball landing closest to the pin.

The Peak Lodge at Pico Mountain continues to work towards their goal to raise $1 million for the construction of the new four-season headquarters for Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports and the Pico Ski Education Foundation. Erin Fernandez, executive director of Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports, said the Golf Ball Drop was a success. "We raised over $13,000 from this event, and we have risen a little over 600,000 in cash to date. This makes it possible to begin site work, which we hope to begin in the next 30 days, " Fernandez said.

The Golf Ball Drop was the beginning of the day for the Santa Fe Open, an annual Golf Tournament Run by Casey Crompton.