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Political satirists, Capitol Steps return to Paramount Theatre

Photo courtesy of Paramount Theatre
Political satire at it's best, Capitol Steps return to Paramount Theatre hot off an election year, for some sure-to-be hilarious antics. Don't miss them Feb. 1.

Capitol Steps, a politically diverse group of Senate staffers who quit their day jobs in order to set out and satirize the very people and institutions that had employed them, returns to The Paramount Theater in downtown Rutland on Friday, Feb. 1 at 8 p.m.
For 30 years, the group has performed for audiences across the country, including the last five presidents, and 5 annual National Public Radio Broadcasts. While the current cast members primarily consist of professional actors and singers, the original members were former Capitol Hill staffers who represented a total of 18 congressional offices with 62 years of cumulative House and Senate staff experience.

"Having just wrapped up a contentious, exciting election year, this is the perfect time to bring this group back to our community," says Eric Mallette, The Paramount's Programming Director. "I hope this show will provide the audience with a chance to laugh and maybe even learn a little about American politics."

As comedians, nothing is off limits. They mock everyone from the past-Republican presidential candidates such as Newt Gingrich to Vice President Joe Biden.

The group was born in December of 1981 when some staffers for the late Illinois Senator Charles Percy were planning entertainment for a Christmas party. Their first idea was to stage a nativity play, but they couldn't find three wise men or a virgin. So, they decided to dig into the headlines of the day, and they created song parodies and skits, which conveyed a special brand of satirical humor.

Larry King from CNN commends Capitol Steps by saying, "They're the best. There's no one like them, no one in their league." Elaina Newport, producer and founding member of Capitol Steps, says, "Typically the Republicans goof up, and the Democrats party; then the Democrats goof up and the Republicans party. That's what we call the two-party system."

Capitol Steps is produced by Elaina Newport; with lyrics by Elaina Newport, Mark Eaton and the touring cast (to be announced). Their show is constantly changing and based on the scandal of the day. But you might spot a few of these musical numbers in the performance: Obama Mia, Don't Go Fakin' You're Smart, I Like Big Cuts and I Cannot Lie, Duke of Oil, The Hillary-billies, The Sunni Side of Tikrit, Cash for Codgers, Monster Cash, God Bless My SUV, Age of a Stimulus, TSA: Moist and Dangerous, Juan Nation, Axles of Evil, Send in the Clones, Mine Every Mountain Lirty Dies…and more! Capitol Steps awards include Wammie Award Winner 2009 for the third year in a row by Washington Area Music Association; nomination for a Drama Desk Award in 2007 for Outstanding Lyrics, and Winner of the Washington Post Best Bets Readers' Choice Award for Best Live Theater in 2005.

This event is sponsored by Vermont Public Radio, George Lyons, The Mountain Times, Roots, and Wilk Paving.

Tickets ($29.50 - $39.50 + tax) for this and all other Paramount Theatre events are available now by phoning The Paramount Theatre Box Office at 802 775-0903. Tickets may also be purchased online at or at The Paramount Theatre Box Office at 30 Center Street.