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Election roundup

While America may have been surprised by Election 2012, in central Vermont there were few surprises in local races. Many candidates ran unopposed, and incumbents generally did well.

There were upsets, however. Republican Larry "Cooper" Cupoli decisively ousted Democratic incumbent Peg Andrews in Rutland 5-2 by more than 100 votes. Rutland 6 was a three-way race for two seats; incumbent Democratic-Republican Butch Shaw garnered the most votes, followed by Democrat Stephen Carr to claim the seats. Republican Seth Hopkins did not win a seat.
Killington has a new state representative, as newcomer Democrat Anne L. Gallivan edged out Republican incumbent Jim Eckhardt by 37 votes in Rutland-Windsor 1.

Redistricting changed Rutland-Windsor 2, pitting two incumbents against one another: Democrat Eldred French lost to Republican Dennis Devereux by more than 100 votes.

The vote count is arranged from the highest vote-getter in a district to the lowest. Winners are designated with an asterisk (*), while incumbents are identified by (I). Uncontested races are not listed.

Windsor Senate
John Campbell (I)        16,249    D*
Dick McCormack (I)        15,217    D*
Alice W. Nitka (I)        14,899    D*
Dick Tracy              9,617     R
Jeff Whittemore             7,162     R
Paul E. Gibbs, Jr.          6,651    R

Rutland 2
Dave Potter (I)              2,110    D*
Tom Burditt (I)              1,856    R*
Ken Fredette              1,675    D
Glenn Eno              1,337    R

Rutland 5-2
Larry Cupoli                 950    R*
Peg Andrews (I)             841    D

Rutland 5-3
Herb Russell (I)                 757    D*
John E. Mattison, Jr.             392    R

Rutland 5-4
Douglas Gage                 914    R*       
Sherri Durgin-Campbell             690    D

Rutland 6
Butch Shaw (I)              2,233    D,R*
Stephen A. Carr              1,986    D
Seth Hopkins              1,185    R

Rutland-Windsor 1
Anne L. Gallivan          1,203    D*
Jim Eckhardt (I)          1,166    R

Rutland-Windsor 2
Dennis Devereux (I)           1,346    R*
Eldred French (I)           1,127    D