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Q&A with student Maggie Rice, Killington Elementary School

6---Q&A-with -Maggie -Rice --By -Ray -Rice --2012-04-01-08.28.39

1) Mountain Times: What age were you when you learned to ski/ride? Who taught you?
Maggie Rice: I started skiing at age 2 and my dad taught me

2) MT: What does skiing mean to you? How does it make you feel?
RICE: Skiing means to me that I can be free. Usually at school I am not the best at everything and I don't feel good about that. When I ski I know everybody is good so I don't worry about this.

3) MT: How important do you think it is for student to have the opportunity to learn to ski?
RICE: I think that it is a really good thing that we get to ski at school. People usually have to wait until the weekend or break before starting to ski and they don't get any experience. Also some people don't get to ski at all so this is a good chance to educate kids to do what Killington is famous for!