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Rememberance: In memory of Betty Merrill, “The Voice of Killington”

Betty Merrill was a longtime local resident of the Town of Sherburne (now Killington). In 1958 Killington boasted the enormous population of 266, including the extended Merrill family. I had come to Town in 1956 with the plan to develop Killington Ski Resort. My wife Sue and I soon became acquainted with the whole Kenneth Merrill family, including Betty and Harold, since their business was auto mechanics, but more importantly, just good down to earth friends.

Betty had the deep misfortune of losing her husband at an all to early age.

Killington gradually took shape with an extremely rapid growth rate thus requiring employment of many local folks and beyond.

Circa 1965, Norma Biathrow, then working in the famous Killington Marketing Department talked Betty into a job with our company.

Her talents were put to work immediately, rolling picture posters to stuff mailers. In short order we found her real talent, which in part stemmed from her telephone company experience in Connecticut where she grew up. The other talent was her voice.

Betty's telephone experience and her melodic voice became the obvious choice to put her on the radio to provide daily snow reports to the World. She was, in fact, the first woman to air snow reports.

She was the receptionist operator par excellence and I dare say that she literally handled millions of calls to Killington. Raining, snowing, blowing or 35 below F she handled all with aplomb. Customers would visit the office just to meet this person with the beautiful voice and exceptional personality.

Betty's work ethic, devotion to the Company, friends and community were indeed a model for others to follow.
Betty love by all will always be remembered as "The Voice of Killington."