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Spotlight on Tonia Hirschbuhl: Taking the leap to well-being

Tonia Hirschbuhl won the Mountain Times contest to participate in Peace in the City's "Take the Leap: 12 weeks to well-being." This week, Hirschbuhl shares her motivation for entering the contest and what she hopes to accomplish.


What attracted you to this program?
"Having  been able to work through challenges mostly on my own in the past and having little trouble bouncing back," Hirschbuhl says. "I just kept trying the same old techniques, to no avail. When I saw the original article in the Mountain Times for the 12 weeks to Well-being, I liked the way the program offered more than one way to wellness. I feel as though not only will I be learning some new techniques, I will finally be able to get over whatever is holding me back to all around well being."  

What you hope to accomplish in the 12 weeks?
"I hope to gain balance in all areas of my life. I would  also love to feel a sense of well being all across the board in mind, body and spirit. This is something I have been trying to achieve for a while now, and finally realized that I can't do it on my own. Health wise, I look forward to learning how to implement Ayurveda  into my diet. I also signed up for a 5K in Boston a while back, and I would love to run across the finish line."

What is your biggest fear in doing this program?
"Honestly? This… being in the newspaper! I am, by nature, a shy person and this is way outside my box. A close second is working through personal issues that hold me back from being all I can be within a group of people. Everything else I am ready for!

Mountain Times will follow Hirschbuhl's progress and challenges throughout the 12 weeks with updates published at week 4, 8 and 12. Participants of the program meet twice a week for a group exercise component and once a week for a mental fitness workshop. They complete weekly mental fitness assignments and are responsible for doing an assigned amount of cardiovascular activity. Participants track their food intake and work with the instructor in bringing balance to their body type through food choices. It is an intensive and holistic program designed to transform participants into well-being.