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Killington Stage Race Course Descriptions

Lookout & First Stop Bike Shop Circuit Race

Saturday, May 25 - Stage 1


Distance: 18 miles/29km per lap (1 mile/1.5 km from the start to the course for the first lap)
Course description: An 18-mile circuit which starts at the Skyeship Base Area and travels east on Rt. 4 with a fast opening 6.6 miles to West Bridgewater and a right turn onto Rt. 100A. There will be a controlled start for the fi rst mile until past the Rt. 100 south intersection. The pavement on Rt. 4 is in good condition with a wide shoulder. Please be aware that the shoulder narrows at bridges. Once make the turn and cross the historic bridge there is a very gradual climb of 5.7 miles to Plymouth Notch and the K/QOM and feed zone. The course will take racers through the village of Plymouth Notch, which was the birth place of Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President of the United States and where he was sworn into office and is buried. The historic village has been preserved in nearly identical condition to how it appeared during Coolidge's life. After passing through Plymouth Notch and turning right back onto Rt. 100A there is a short climb and then a fast steep .6 mile/1K downhill with a sharp right hand turn at the bottom onto Rt. 100 heading north. Please use caution. The race will not be won on this downhill but it certainly could be lost if you fail to negotiate the turn. There will be several police officers present to control traffic, but please be alert for any vehicles. Once back onto Rt. 100 it is 5.3 miles to the finish. In this stretch the course rolls along passing several lakes and ponds. Be alert to storm grates on the right hand shoulder. The final mile into the finishing straight is downhill and fast. The actual finish straight is flat and long so being at the front on the final downhill pretty much a guarantee of not winning the sprint.

Champion System Road Race

Sunday, May 26 - Stage 2


Distance: 61 miles/99 km Except men P/1 & Cat. 2 76 miles/123
Course description: The race starts at the Skyeship Base Area and heads west on Rt. 4. It is flat for the first 3 miles then climbs past River Road for 2 miles to the intersection of Rt. 100 where racers turn right and head north. Please use caution at this intersection. There is a light controlled bridge on Rt. 100 just after the intersection. It will be controlled by police officers. Please use caution. For the next nearly 20 miles the course trends steadily downhill. Please use extra caution once you turn onto Rt. 100 and later Rt. 107, as the pavement has cracks and potholes after a hard winter and is rough in places. Stay outside (left) of the Fog Line (white line) as the pavement is often poor in that area. Leave plenty of space as the race cannot be won here but it certainly can be lost if you crash. As you approach Pittsfield there is a temporary bridge in place use caution. Racers will pass through the towns of Pittsfield and then Stockbridge where they will merge onto Rt. 107. The Sprint Hot Spot is located just prior to the road starting to climb once again. Once in Bethel racers will take a hard right onto the North Road. The North Road climb hits hardest at the bottom with several steep pitches. While the pitch relents at 5K to go to the K/QOM the road still goes up. Once past the K/QOM the road continues to climb and roll for several more miles. There are great views to the right (west) so have a glance between deep breaths. There is a short, fast descent into the town of Barnard. At the bottom racers will be making a left turn. (P/1 & 2 Men will make a right onto Rt. 12 in Barnard the first time down this hill). There is some curbing near this area so please be sure to stay on the proper side of the yellow line and use caution when making the turn. Once on Rt. 12 racers will climb for 2 miles out of Barnard village. Near the top of this climb they will pass through the day's feed zone. Once through the feed zone racers will have a long fast downhill towards Woodstock, where the course turns right on to the Prosper Road. This road is paved to start but turns to hard packed gravel and climbs steadily. The road is mostly very smooth but there are some potholes and lose gravel to be aware of especially on the downhill. Also be aware that the road narrows after the summit. Please stay well right! As racers approach the Rt. 4 intersection the road turns back to pavement. There is a narrow bridge here so please use caution. Once on Rt. 4 racers travel 14 miles and pass through the outskirts of Woodstock and into Bridgewater. Please use caution in Bridgewater as there are lots of residential driveways. Racers will return to the start at Skyeship, but this is not the end of the race, as the course turns left onto East Mountain Road. While not a "gap climb" make no mistake -- this is a long hard climb. The K/QOM is 3 miles in, but the road climbs further up past the race headquarters. Please use caution here, as there are several curbed islands ("road furniture") to be aware of before the left turn onto the Killington Road. This is the final climb of the day as racers push to the top of the road that ends just past the finish at the K1 base area. Expect a chalked roadway and lots of cheering spectators to encourage racers over the finish line.

Long Trail Brewery Individual Time Trial

Monday, May 27 - Stage 3


Distance: 10.6 miles/ 17 km
Course description: The race starts just west of the Long Trail Brewery on Rt. 4 in West Bridgewater. Racers will start at 30- second intervals and travel west on Rt. 4 towards Killington. There is a very wide shoulder and racers must race within that shoulder and not ride out on Rt. 4 except where the shoulder narrows at bridges and if passing. Moto and stationary officials will be present on the course to monitor compliance. Approaching the Skyeship on Rt. 4 there is a slight rise. Just prior to the right turn onto River road there is a second rise. The sight-lines on this section of Rt. 4 are very long so you will have a good view of the racers ahead of you. The turn off Rt. 4 is a hard slow right onto River Road. Once on River Road the course twists with a very short rise to the finish in front of the Killington Town Offices. Be aware that shortly after the finish the road turns to gravel. There will be water in the Town Offices parking lot.
Notes: Riders suffering a mishap during the Stage 3 Time Trial will receive the time of the slowest rider in their category and be placed in the final GC.