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The Vermont State Fair, a history rich in tradition

RUTLAND - The Vermont State Fair in Rutland has withstood the test of time, from it's first days as the Rutland Fair in 1846 to now.  The Mountain Times looks back at fair-goers experiences, shows, rides, food and infrastructure  as the Vermont State Fair wraps up its 10-day season on Sept. 8.

The Vermont State Fair, a history rich in tradition
By Trevor Smith
RUTLAND- In 1941 Jack Delano was hired to photograph the Rutland County Fair as part of a commission by the Farm Securities Administration under President Roosevelt's New Deal.
"He was part of a make-work program for photographers," said volunteer curator at the Rutland Historical Society, Jim Davidson. "The purpose was two things. To make work, yes, but it was also to do some publicity of rural America." The FSA wanted to re-introduce America to Americans.
This year, when you're riding the ferris wheel, or watching Travis Tritt from the grandstands, or maybe just enjoying some Roxies fries and taking in the scene, remember these 72-year-old photos; you are taking part in a long-standing Rutland tradition.


Photo by Jack Delano, courtesy of the United States Library of Congress.
A couple, dressed up for a day at the fair in 1941, picniced outside the fairgrounds in Rutland.