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Letter to Editor 1.12

Dear Editor,

In Dec. 2011, the Self Advocates Becoming Empowered - Rutland donated many presents to their adopted family for Christmas through the Boys and Girls club.  Throughout the month, members of the adults with developmental disabilities group, first talked about what they wanted to buy for an adopted family, then they contacted the organization. With the excitement of finding a family the shopping began.

The Self Advocates decided to gift food for the whole meal on Christmas day and presents for the children. Of course, the gifts had to be wrapped to be presented properly, so an afternoon of wrapping was next on the agenda.  The group had their own party of exchanging gifts, holiday song and snacks, then they got on a bus to ride to the connecting organization. Gift by gift and member by member they got off the bus and flooded into the building with glowing spirits. 

Before any of this could happen the group had to raise money.  They held a car wash, ran a candy bar sale, and brought in pennies every month.

The Self Advocates Becoming Empowered- Rutland is a group that learns to speak up for their needs, how to participate in and be contributing members in meetings, and how to set and reach goals. One of their goals this year was to educate the community about disability awareness, but no one took them up on it. They have a training they do that takes from 10 minutes to an hour based on your needs, to show how individuals with developmental disabilities are just like people without disabilities; we all have dreams, fears, likes, dislikes and feelings. They left the season feeling extremely good about their goal of adopting a family and for accomplishing seven other goals for the year.


Lisa S. Lynch,

Executive Director, ARC Rutland Area

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