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Letter to the Edior, Jim Blackman

Dear Editor,

Marketing 101. In response the letter in last week paper by Vito Rasenas commenting on Green Mountain National, he basically had two points, which I'd like to address. The first was about the General Managers effort to work with a local business bordering hole number three and growing those mutual business's. I agree, the old handshake about non competes is really obsolete in today times.

Unfortunately, in my point of view where Vito goes wrong is his next viewpoint on the under 30 pass. Beside the blind attack on various families ("Have some member's influenced this policy to get a discount for there offspring"-Vito, there are a grand total of three families who belong to Green Mountain and, speaking for them, we are insulted by your accusation without proof) he misses the point.

What the under 30 pass does, is it allows a large part of our community, the servers, bartenders, retail clerks, etc- the people who are young and do not make  a great deal of money yet, to afford something otherwise they would not be able to. They play Green Mountain, they spend their hard earned money, in the pro shop, at the grill, etc. They make up a sizable piece of the total business picture, and they often bring friends and family, who pay rack rate, with them.

So no, Vito, it's not another conspiracy to cheat the fine tax payers of the town, it's another fine effort, like co-marketing with a local business, to do everything possible to ease the debt liability on the community.


Jim Blackman (Family membership of Green Mountain since it was built)

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