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Letter to the Editor, Vito Rasenas 3.22

Dear Editor,

My question about the members influencing the under 30 pass my letter printed two weeks ago was off base as I should have known those people already get a discount via "Friends and family". But then again even the "New friends and family" costs more than the "under 30". In any event that's beside the point.  If I offended anybody I apologize as it was not my intention.

I thank Jim for his response. He answered my question regarding why GMNGC has an "under 30" pass. But it's worse than I thought. I took Marketing 101. Nowhere did it say municipalities, or any businesses for that matter, were supposed to subsidize community business's fringe benefit programs. This under 30 pass is just another giveaway. This is no conspiracy but done right under the noses of taxpayers who, like me, assumed the town government would look out for the best interests of all the townspeople not just the hospitality businesses and golf playing public. Do the under 30's even need to be residents? It's not clear on the rate sheet on the GMNGC website.

Vito Rasenas

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